Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 Things That Make Me Buy Books

3 Things That Make Me Buy Books (from a new-to-me author)

1. Word of mouth.

Not just ANY word of mouth ... but words from mouths I trust. I know the people who think like me and like the same kinds of stories I like. If one of them says, “OMG, you HAVE to read this story! It was the best thing I’ve read in months and I just can’t stop thinking about it.” I’m not going to think twice, I’m going to hie my butt over to the nearest bookstore and get my copy.

2. Reviews.

Not just ANY reviews. The reviews that sell me on a book are the ones that really get deep into the “whys”: why they liked the story, why they didn’t like some parts of it, why they recommend it and to whom – realistically. I saw one review that said something like: “If you like stories about one-legged vampire cowboys named Egbert who dress up like Santa every Thursday and shout “YEE HAW” when they come, you’ll love this story.” I couldn’t help but wonder how many people actually sat around saying, “MAN, I wish I could find a story about a one-legged vampire cowboy named Egbert.” let alone the rest of that ridiculousness.

3. Reputation.

Authors build reputations, and the writing world is small. I remember when Wendi Darlin’s book, “Cowboy Games” came out – everyone was talking about it. I heard about it on every online venue I frequented, and after awhile, I simply was unable to resist. Yep, I got myself a copy. Actually, that’s sort of a combination of the other things I talked about, above: word of mouth and reviews. And, I’m sure that her subsequent releases were more popular because of the love folks had for her previous release.

What about you? What will make you buy a book by a new-to-you author?

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romancefan said...

All of your reasons are great reasons to buy. Two other reasons for me are the book cover and/or the title.