Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zombie Bait....ON Sale Now for .99

Like a Romance of a different Nature???? Checkout my latest Release!

Zombie Bait: Day Zero


What if you awoke to a world changed forever, a world where nothing any longer made sense?

What if everyone you ever knew and loved had become something else, something dark and deadly?

Could you run fast enough or far enough to escape the madness or would simply become ....... Zombie Bait?

Day Zero:

Cali James was your typical stereotype twenty-one year old. Her life revolved around cruising the streets of her small town and the occasional party. That’s why she’d been looking forward to biggest Halloween Party to hit the community in history. Catching a quick nap before getting ready had all been part of the plan. How else would she be ready to rock all night?

However, the moment she opens her eyes she knows something is not right. In the span of a few hours everything and everyone she ever knew had changed. Now with the community’s newest transfer, Trent, she has to find a way to escape the madness and danger that waits around every turn. What could possibly turn an entire town into mindless bloodthirsty zombies and how far would the pair need to flee to escape them?
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