Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's fun to be part of the Goddess Fish party today. I hope you all are enjoying proper party fare while you read everyone's posts. My idea of perfect party fare is chocolate, a mocktail of some sort (preferably with lots of cream and sugar in it!), Cheetos, and cupcakes. Vanilla with butter cream frosting please. What would you be eating?
A good party also has lots of good conversation. Since we're all readers here, of course, we need to talk about books. Who are you reading right now? Of course, I'd love it if someone said a Sheila Roberts book. Heeheee. I'm currently on a Kristan Higgins bender, working my way through all her books. I don't know about you, but once I find an author I like I want to read EVERYTHING she's written. I remember years ago exhausting all the Georgette Heyer books and wondering why the woman didn't write more. I mean, I was ready for more! I look back now from my perspective as an author and think how many years it took her to write forty-some novels and realize the woman had an amazing output. But we readers are greedy, aren't we? At least I am. I'm sure I'll soon be firing off a fan note to Kristan, begging her to write faster. Soooo, who are you reading right now?
And how much chocolate have you had? :) I haven't had nearly enough. Time to go back for more!


M_Nark said...

I've been enjoying some great small press authors that I've discovered on some of the tours. I love tours!!

RT Wolfe, Stephanie Burkhart, Lori Ryan, Cristin Harber to name a few. I love that their books are so reasonably priced that I'm able to take a chance on a new author without taking a huge hit on the budget. I've actually bought the entire backlist of two of those authors now, and will probably do the other two as well.

Martha Lancaster said...

Thanks for inviting me to your party. I enjoyed posting and reading other posts.
Martha lancaster (MJ Stewart)

Catherine Lee said...

Oddly enough, my hubby and I were eating Cheetos today...and blueberry strudel for dessert after some awesome homemade baked mac & cheese. Real comfort party fare!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com