Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Release: ELLA’S COUGAR

Hi Everyone!

ELLA’S COUGAR (Chestnut Rock Shifters, Book 7) released February 3!

To find out more about Chestnut Rock--including series order, blurbs and buy links—please visit my Chestnut Rock Page on my website!

Here’s an excerpt from ELLA’S COUGAR:
Unbelievably, nothing had changed. The hotel looked just as it had in the picture. Though it didn’t show in the postcard, the buildings on either side of the main hotel were also as she remembered. To the left of the main house stood a smaller building she thought might be the owner’s home, or employee quarters. It was much larger than most houses, but the detached garage gave it a normal appearance.

To the right of the hotel, another smaller building stood. It reminded her of a warehouse, but she didn’t know its purpose. Further down on the right led to the carport. Guests used golf carts to travel the property when she’d visited, and it looked like they still did.

She tucked the postcard back into her pocket and resisted the urge to run toward the main doors of the hotel. She wasn’t exactly sure of her plan—or how she would find the man—and briefly contemplated going to the smaller house on the left.

Ella glanced toward the building again and noticed a car parked out front. As if in slow motion, the front door opened and a short woman with platinum blond hair stepped out, followed by a tall blond man carrying an infant in a car seat.

She’d always known in her heart she would know him on sight, but never once did she question his feelings.

The blond man was the boy, all grown up, and she was too late.

Her whole life, her world, shattered.

Ella turned and ran into the forest.


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