Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hi and Welcome from Jane Wakely!

Hi Everyone!

Thanx so much for joining us here! I’m Jane Wakely and I write Paranormal, Contemporary and Fantasy Romance—but Paranormal is my fave!

The last book in my Chestnut Rock Series, ELLA’S COUGAR, just released February 3! To help celebrate, the first book in the series, JENN’S WOLF, is on sale for 99 cents, February 12-14 on Amazon!

Here’s the blurb for JENN’S WOLF:
Jenn is used to being overlooked by men. She’s short, slim, shy and her past keeps her guarded against others—especially men. It also gets her labeled as having a “good personality.” When she sees Matt for the first time, she realizes he’s the first man she’s willing to take a chance on.

Matt is a wolf shifter worried that he’ll never find his mate. Without a mate, a shifter’s life is incredibly drawn-out and lonely. Willing to try anything, he agrees to a blind date with Jenn and is stunned to find out she’s his mate.

A misunderstanding interrupts their first night together and leaves them both miserable. After determining she may have overreacted, Jenn apologizes and they agree to start over. When Matt tells her about his wolf, she has to decide whether to trust her heart or run from the only man she has ever wanted.

Find JENN’S WOLF on Amazon!

I’ll be back soon with more fun—if you haven’t entered the Rafflecopter giveaway yet, make sure you enter now! :)


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Lisa Jung said...

great shifter book

Jane Wakely said...

Thank you so much, Lisa! :)

Alicia Coleman said...

Good luck Jane! Looking forward to reading Ella's Cougar.

Jane Wakely said...

Thank you so much, Alicia! :)