Sunday, February 9, 2014

What are your books about? Lindsay Harper answers

Every time someone finds out I’m a writer the first question is always, “What are your books about?” I usually answer with Contemporary Women’s fiction – but what exactly is that?
I define it as anything that is relevant to modern life – any issues that might come up in our current society.
Let me give you some examples. In the “How to …” series of books so far I have written about: love affairs and infidelity, divorce, abortion, adoption, alcoholism, gambling, smoking, under-age sex, domestic violence, mental illness, suicide, physical disabilities, genetic conditions. I have written about heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Some of my characters have been religious and spiritual and other have been atheist. 
I want to be known as a writer for whom no subject is taboo. If it happens in our society then it will be somewhere in my books. Some subjects I have first-hand experience of, others I have had to research. The internet is a vital tool in this research but also interviewing real people has proved invaluable.
I’ve always wondered why gossip has been such an interest to me and now I can see why – I need it for my work. I love hearing about other people’s stories and how they live their lives. I suppose gossip isn’t the right word because I try not to judge anyone and I don’t pass the gossip on in a derogatory way. I show an interest in what goes on around me and then I translate it into a story-line.

So, if you know me, watch out, one day you might read about yourself in one of my books. But fear not! Your name and details will be changed. I can’t afford to be sued.
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