Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good morning all!

Hey, all!  Good morning!  It's BethAnn Buehler.  A big thanks for Denisea for inviting me to join her here today.  Thank you, Denisea!

I write inspirational romance and my debut release, Hope 22, hit the shelves earlier this winter and is making the rounds with readers everywhere. I've been blessed to meet some wonderful new and fantastic people along this journey and I'm grateful that Hope 22 has been so well received.  I appreciate anyone who takes time out their hectic schedule to read my work and I love hearing from each of you!  

In the aftermath of losing his wife and unborn son, professional quarterback Brody Jackson turns to his faith, making a vow to live a life that will honor those he’s lost.  Yet on a field of endeavor where outrageous antics get a player noticed and if it feels good, do it often seems to be the maxim, walking the straight and narrow path can be a hard thing for a guy to do.

Whitney Ryan is in the mother of all slumps, struggling to watch as her player ranking dips into double digits.  With three weeks to go until she’s slated for her next tournament, Whitney would rather be anywhere than on the tennis court and under her mother’s constant glare.  When Whitney decides to run away from her responsibilities, her resolve is firm—she doesn’t need anyone getting in her way, especially a know-it-all with problems of his own.

When two household names holding widely varying views on how to live life in the spotlight and measure success are thrown together, is there any hope they can call a time out and find middle ground?

When you're ready to read more, be sure to hop over to my Works in Progress page on my blog and check out book two in the Men of Faith series, Faith 15, releasing summer 2014.

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Librarian Judith said...

How do you walk the line between telling a good, inspirational story and being "too preachy"? Even as a Christian, I find myself turned off by books that are too heavy-handed. I do like a book that shows the faith of the character(s) by the lives they live, rather than the words they say.

Catherine Lee said...

I agree with Librarian Judith. I enjoy inspirational, but don't stick with preachy.

BethAnn said...

Great question. I've read IR both ways but as it pertains to my writing, I think it's personal to the characters. My characters are on their own journey and I don't have any desire to preach. What they believe and how they spin it and weave it into their lives is their own battle. In Hope 22, Brody spends an afternoon with his high school football coach investigating nearly every world view there is to consider and finds at some point in his journey, he's been a mix of beliefs, often those that seem to contradict the other. He ultimately lands in a a place where he can look himself squarely in the eye when he sees his reflection in the mirror each morning. Honestly, I think that's the journey we're all on.