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Another trip to Wind River...

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        Sparks begin to fly when Garrett picks up his friend’s daughter. She’s not what he expected, and he has difficulty reconciling his mixed feelings about the exasperating woman. Jax drives him to distraction, like a chameleon she constantly changes right before his eyes. Will the resulting fire when they stop fighting their mutual attraction be too hot for the unlikely pair to handle?

       Jax took him by the hand and gazed deep into his eyes. “Don’t worry, McBride, I’ll protect you.” He skeptically surveyed her and raised one thick black eyebrow. She grinned at him. Down only three of the twenty steps on their trip to the dinner table, he knocked her off balance with his next question.
       “How long have you been doing drugs, Jax?” She almost fell down the remaining stairs. Garret’s quick thinking saved her from disaster; his long muscular arm scooped her close to him.
       “You can let go! I’m fine now.”
Garrett was unnerved by how reluctant he was to release his hold on her.
Not another word passed between them until they reached the kitchen. She approached her usual seat, and Garrett pulled out the chair to seat her.
       “A real gent. Huh, Jax?” Sid wagged his eyebrows at her.
       “Oh? Well…I don’t know him well enough to tell whether it’s manners or he thinks that I am still spaced out and might fall on my face. Then Maggie would have to shoot him, because she might think that he gave me the drugs.” Jax glared at Garrett, as he took his seat at the table to her right.
Maggie caught the bulk of the exchange. “Jax! What’s the matter with you?”
      “Please, Maggie, I’ll tell you everything after I eat something, I haven’t had a meal in three days!”
Maggie started piling food on her plate so quickly, both men cracked up. “Shut up, you two!” Maggie scolded. Jax had to give them credit; they did try to subdue their mirth, but they lost the battle, and only laughed harder. Maggie passed them the serving platter along with a threatening look. They all settled down until Jax scooted back her chair to stand up. Maggie was on it in a flash. “Where you going?”
       “To get some tea.”
       “Sit down and eat! I can get it.” Jax looked at her and frowned. The men started laughing all over again. Maggie never waited on anyone. She was making Jax extremely nervous; she didn’t normally wait on her either. She looked at Sid for some clarification. He was no help. He only laughed all the more.
       Maggie set a glass of iced tea in front of Jax. Garrett looked over at her as if her choice of beverage was strange.
       Sid grinned at him. “Takes some getting used to. She drinks it all year, summer, or dead of winter.”
       Jax set her glass down and looked directly at Garrett. “You know, Mr. McBride,” emphasizing the ‘mister’, “it isn’t a good idea to drink alcoholic beverages when you’re doing drugs. So I stick to water or iced tea whenever I have hot pipes.” Sid almost choked on his coffee. Maggie got up and patted him on the back, all the while giving Jax a threatening scowl. She looked back at Garrett, and found him scowling at her too. She couldn’t control her bout of laughter at their outraged expressions. Maggie sat back down after pouring everyone another cup of coffee.
       Sid questioned Maggie “Do you think it is safe to drink it?” Maggie shrugged, in answer, then she inquired, “Do you want another refill, Jax?”
       “No thanks, I’m good.” Both of the men snickered at her remark.
Maggie piped up with, “That remains to be determined. Talk!”
        She made a mental note not to use that expression again. She eased back in her chair and assessed Maggie, “So, what do you want to know?”
Release date for Wind River Refuge: 3/1/2014.

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