Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wind River Refuge by J. M. ANTON

Jackie will be awarding a $25 GC to a randomly drawn commenter from the three Pavilion Parties for Wind River Refuge. 12/8/13. 1/15/14. & today at the conclusion of this Party.

Post 1
            His keen eyes scan the snowcapped peaks below, as he spreads his wings to ride the currents. It is crisp and clear a good day for hunting. He swooped a bit lower to check out the ant like creatures swarming over his domain, but the great bald eagle dismissed them as prey.
            The humans below were also hunting. They’d returned throughout the winter whenever the howling winds and heavy snow subsided. Spring was slow to come in this part of the world. He screeched a warning that another storm was approaching, but he doubted the creatures below were intelligent enough to heed his warning.
            What they searched for was buried higher up in the mountains. The great hunter knew they wouldn’t find their prize for many moons. The searchers below unearthed a snowshoe hare. He folded his wings, swooped down, and snagged a rabbit dinner. Soon the rivers would thaw and he could add fish to the diet of his new family.
            The men below watched an eagle cart of a rabbit and wondered if the bird knew where the object of their hunt was located.
            To find out what the searchers are looking for in the subzero, life threatening, weather read “Wind River Refuge.”
Release Date: March 1, 2014

A note from the Author:

            It has been bitter cold in a large part of the U.S., including North East Ohio. So, this author has been hunkered down, and burning up the keyboard. Okay, here are a few updates:  I finally approved the printed proof copy of “Wind River Refuge” to be sent to me on January 6th.  I began reading it, only to run for my red editing pen. Yep, after three separate editors, two proofreaders, and three rounds of digital proofs, a few typos and misused words were missed, not to mention extra spaces.
            At this point, we are looking at the first of March for the paperback release, and when my formatter returns from her vacation we need to update the e-book to match.

            Yesterday, while hibernating, I found a new marketing tool to try. It is a preview page with star ratings and questions on the preview from me. Help me evaluate this tool by going to your answers are private, only I see them.

            Another new change has occurred at the Author’s Den site readers are able to purchase an autographed copy of any one of my books directly from the author’s den bookstore from anywhere in the U.S.A. When visiting my page, at the above link, click on the book of your choice. You will go to the books information, including excerpts, reviews, and e-book purchase links. Click on “Get Your Signed Copy Today” to receive your personalized, signed book. Wind River Refuge will also be available in March, and like my other books will have a special price at the Author’s den.

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Super Bowl Sunday! Four posts today and for chances for commenters to win.
In Post 2 I will answer a few questions from the January Party.
Post 4 will include a sneak preview of my next book, and the name of the winner of the "Fateful Waters" paper back.
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