Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book 2 in the A Forever Love Series

A Forever Love Retribution is the second book in the A Forever Love Anthology. It will be available by February 17th. Here is the Cover and Blurb...Enjoy...and don't forget Book 1 is available at Amazon now for only .99 cents.


Sheila Dool...

Grayson had loved Cecily his entire life. When they finally found one another, their happiness was ripped away by Cecily's psycho ex who murdered her and Grayson's unborn child. Grayson vowed he would hunt Mark to the ends of the earth and destroy him.  Grayson's friends and family have to sit by helplessly and watch him slip further into a dark world of pain and revenge, but one friend is able to keep close enough to him to help him keep his sanity. Kelly and Grayson had been friends for years and next to Cecily, Kelly was his closest friend. She sets out on a journey to save him from his own need for retribution and by doing so, the two grow closer. After all of the pain and heartbreak Grayson has faced, could he find love again? Could he put all of his pain and suffering behind him for another shot at happiness? The two find support from a very unlikely source that does everything within her power to help Grayson move on and rebuild his life.  Love is a very powerful thing, but can Grayson be saved from his dark lonely path to destruction? Or will he forever morn his only love?

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