Sunday, February 9, 2014

Excerpt for BIRTHDAY WISHES by Heidi Lynn Anderson

The woman, who strictly wore designer brands like Chanel and Gucci like armor, looked vulnerable and adorable in the stupid pajamas. Conner’s jeans suddenly felt a bit too tight in the crotch. He cleared his throat. “Sorry… you took us off guard.”
A pretty flush filled her cheeks and she pulled at her collar. “I wasn’t expecting company.”
Conner shifted his stance in an attempt to hide his raging erection. “We um…” Conner shoved his hands in his pockets.
Jackson stepped forward clasping his hands in front of his own hard-on. “What Conner is trying to say is that we came to tell you the elevator’s fixed.”
She unwrapped her injured palm and winced. “That doesn’t tell me why you are standing in my kitchen.”
Fresh longing punched Conner in the gut. “We thought there was a fire.”
He walked over beside her and reached over to turn on the tap. The back of his hand brushed the soft material covering her small waist. Heat exploded up his arm and raced to areas of his body he was trying not to think about at the moment.
“Here, put your hand under cold water.” He glanced at Jackson and frowned. The other man’s eyes filled with a hunger Conner knew all too well.

“Umm.” Emily stuck her hand under the faucet and winced. “I must have set the timer on the microwave for thirty minutes instead of three minutes.” She turned her burned hand under the rush of cool water and hissed in a breath between clenched teeth.


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I hope that excerpt is going to have a happy ending!
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