Sunday, February 9, 2014

Get to know Joe and Ann from In Bed with Mr. Perfect by Heidi Lynn Anderson

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for coming by!

“Today Ann and Joe from In Bed with Mr. Perfect by Heidi Lynn Anderson are stopping by so we can get to know them a little better.”

“Hi Guys, Thanks so much for stopping by.”

Joe wraps his arm over Ann’s shoulder. “Anytime, thanks for getting us together.”

 “Well I figure ten years of waiting was long enough for the both of you.”

Ann leans over and presses a kiss on Joe’s stubble covered cheek. “I don’t know how we kept our hand off each other for so long.”

“We didn’t or at least I didn’t. I touched you any time I could.”

Ann flushed and grinned. “Yes you did, and you drove me crazy.”

“I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.” He kissed the tip of her nose.

“Okay guys let’s talk about something a little less mushy.”

 “What fun is that. I like when Ann gets mushy.”

“Oh, Joe stop it. Heidi has questions to ask us. The least we can to is behave enough to answer them.”

“Oh. Okay. “ Joe straightened and flashed me his killer grin.

I clear my throat and fan myself. “So, guys, how’s business at Mr. Perfect’s gym?”

Ann beams at me. “It’s up 50% since we added more female friendly classes and we hired Jen as a personnel trainer.”

“Yeah, and we’re getting ready to hire another trainer, because Jen and I are over booked.”

My heart fills with pride. “That’s great!”

Joe’s gaze locks on Ann and he smiles. “Yes it is.”

Something tells me he’s not just talking about business. “Okay, then… So. Guys, have you learned something about the other person that you didn’t know before.”

Joe’s face lights up like a little kid’s on Christmas morning. “ I know lots of new things.”

Ann nudges Joe and she blushes again. “I don’t think she means that, Joe.”

 Joe winks at me. “Okay, Well, I know Ann steals the covers.”

Ann’s shoulders straighten. “Oh, hey, well you hog the bed.”

“Well, I guess you should just sleep on top of me and the problem will be solved.”

“If I did that, we would never get any sleep. We would just have sex all the time.”

“And the problem is?”

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? “Well, on that note. I should let you guys figure that one out on your own.”

“Thank you so much for coming by and spending time with us.”

“Thanks for having us.” Joe and Ann said in unison.

“Well everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Ann and Joe a little better. If you would like to see how all this started, pick up In Bed with Mr. Perfect by Heidi Lynn Anderson and see how these two get together. 

Thanks again.
Happy Reading.

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