Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good to see you here!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by our Words from the Heart blog hop.  I'm Donna Steele and have been writing a long time, but am now published through Rebel Ink Press (thank you RIP!!) I think words are an incredible way to show love and I plan to enjoy it for a long time.

My latest work is a short story – Dance Partner. I was asked to participate in a Love is Blind group connected with Breast Cancer Awareness. Since I have more than one friend affected by this disease I immediately said yes. But I have no personal experience – the theme was loosely that changes in appearance doesn't change true love. I decided to go in a different direction. My story involves a wounded veteran and his struggle to accept himself after his physical changes.

This isn't my first story with veterans – ready-made heroes. Come appreciate them with me anytime! 

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Felicity Nichols said...

Sounds very interesting!