Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dancer's Heart by DP Denman

Dancer's Heart is going paperback for Valentine's Day!

Now available on Kindle

The new m/m contemporary romance will be available in paperback on Friday, February 14th. Get your copy at Amazon!*

Not just another breakup story.

Simon Leander is living a lie. He hides the truth from his partner in a relationship he's determined to tolerate…jealousy, rants and all. Michael was supposed to be the love of his life and he's not ready to let go of that dream even though the romantic has turned tyrant.

When Drew appears, Simon's determination begins to waver. Drew is everything Michael used to be but isn't anymore. Drew also knows his secret. When the truth he works so hard to hide bursts from the shadows he must decide whether he can trust Drew and if love deserves a second chance.

Praise for Dancer's Heart

"As a fan of the m/m genre I'm always on the lookout for authors that are new to me and found one in DP Denman…with her suspenseful and pulse-pounding new m/m release, Dancer's Heart." ~Words of Wisdom....from The Scarf Princess 

"I anticipated a book about a guy having an angst-filled break up with an asshole ex before moving on to a super dreamy, perfect new guy. What I actually got was so much better than that."   ~3 Chicks After Dark

*25% of royalties go to support LGBT charities

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