Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Wind River Refuge Book" Blitz Party!

Jackie will be awarding a $25 GC to a randomly drawn commenter from the three Pavilion Parties for Wind River Refuge. 12/8/13. 1/15/14. & today. after the conclusion of this Party.

J. M. revels a few insights.

            The photo which graces the cover of Wind River Refuge was shot in the Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming by my daughter Kellie. I had a vision for the cover and asked her if she had anything that would work. She sent me a series of four photos. I felt this one fit the story best. It wasn’t a stock photo that someone else was likely to have already used.
            A commenter from a previous party asked this question. I’ve had many comments and questions regarding the cover. I hope this answers all of them. Sandy Shipley who illustrated and painted the cover for “Frosty and the Nightstalker” designed the title layout for me.

            Another question asked was how I researched the juvenile detention center where Jax was sent when she was young. First let me say that I’m sure things are much different today. Jax was a child of the late nineteen fifties and early sixties. I had first hand experience with such a facility. At the age of fourteen I rebelled, pretty dumb in hindsight, my mom’s recent marriage and the disruption of my life. I hated the new school and refused to go. I spent two weeks in the joint for truancy. I was able to draw from that experience and the people I’d met for my character of Jax.

            Other aspects of the novel took a great deal of research. I hope you enjoyed the excerpts from “Wind River Refuge.” I will repeat on here for those who may have missed them. The last post today will include the name of the winner of the paper back copy of “Fateful Waters.” It will also include a sneak preview of my next book.


            Over all, the party had been a huge success. A few diehard revelers didn’t depart until 2 a.m. Jax was busy storing perishables in containers when Maggie ordered her to bed. Jax had worked hard to help with this shindig, and Maggie intended to praise her contribution. Then she would demand an explanation for the rude behavior. Morning was soon enough for that talk.
            Not a single protest flickered through Jax’s mind, let alone her lips, when Maggie ordered her to bed. She’d been traveling up and down an emotional roller coaster throughout the night, and the turmoil had taken a toll. Maybe she was just too tired, but whatever the reason, she was unable to understand her animosity towards Alicia. She’d have to conclude it was jealousy, if she were being honest with herself. The woman was beautiful, and tall—at least five foot ten. Flawless skin, red hair, and green eyes were all part of the package. To top it off, her bust had to be a size D! Alicia was a knock out and probably rich to boot, if all those diamonds were real.
            Jax thought that she really suffered by comparison. She only measured five foot four, if she stood really straight. Her dark brown hair and hazel eyes seem dull, and her bust filled a B cup adequately. A sophisticated demeanor was beyond her, and she would never be a heart stopper. None of these flaws had ever bothered her before. She couldn’t figure out why the urge to cry was so strong. She avoided the mirrors, undressed, climbed into her bed, and hugged her pillow close. She spent a restless night as visions of an upper floor of a nineteenth century duplex surfaced. That hellhole had been buried deep in her past, or so she thought. She burrowed further under her quilt to ward of the chill of her nightmare. She and her little brother sweltered in that hateful house during summer and huddled together for warmth in winter. Bobby sickened the second winter. His bout of bronchitis progressed to pneumonia, and he left her to join their parents, who’d already relocated to the after life.
            Morning was well on its way as she blinked away the fog of sleep. By the time she showered and dressed, it was ten-thirty when she made her entrance into the kitchen. Maggie, loading the dishwasher, glanced up long enough to assess Jax and to offer a good morning.
            “Good morning, Maggie.” She viewed the older woman skeptically. “Why didn’t you wake me?”
            “Because, you’ve been going nonstop since you came home, and I thought you needed the sleep.” Maggie offered that assessment while continuing to stuff the dishwasher. Jax placed a couple slices of cranberry nut bread on a napkin and poured a large glass of orange juice. She took her breakfast selection to the kitchen table.
            “Is that all you are going to eat?”
            “Since it’s close to lunchtime, I’m saving room for the great smelling soup you have simmering on the stove.”
            Maggie poured a cup of coffee without uttering another word and sat down across from her, and Jax knew what was coming. “Okay! Start talking.”
            Jax feigned innocence. “About what?”
            “About why you felt it necessary to insult Garrett’s date, and his father when they were guests in this house?”            
            “I guess it wasn’t really necessary. Alicia insulted a friend who was also a guest in this house and had helped me pull a lot of things together for the party. So I returned the insult.”
            “Did you feel it was appropriate to call her a stunning whore with a deep throat?” Maggie inquired, in an exasperated voice.
            “I DID NOT! How could you ask me that?”
            “Don’t yell at me, young lady! Tell me just what you did, say.”
            “I don’t remember.” She shrugged, like it wasn’t important, and drank some more orange juice.
            “I suppose you either didn’t do this, or don’t remember grabbing a hold of Garrett right in front of Alicia, his father, and a room full of people, then kissing him?”
            “That, I remember.” Jax answered with a slight twitch of her lip that wasn’t quite a grin.
Release Date: 3/1/2014
Book Trailer:

A Note from the Author:

            It has been bitter cold in a large part of the U.S., including North East Ohio. So, this author has been hunkered down, and burning up the keyboard. Okay, here are a few updates:  I finally approved the printed proof copy of “Wind River Refuge” to be sent to me on January 6th.  I began reading it, only to run for my red editing pen. Yep, after three separate editors, two proofreaders, and three rounds of digital proofs, a few typos and misused words were missed, not to mention extra spaces.
            At this point, we are looking at the first of March for the paperback release, and when my formatter returns from her vacation we need to update the e-book to match.

            Yesterday, while hibernating, I found a new marketing tool to try. It is a preview page with star ratings and questions on the preview from me. Help me evaluate this tool by going to your answers are private, only I see them.

            Another new change has occurred at the Author’s Den site readers are able to purchase an autographed copy of any one of my books directly from the author’s den bookstore from anywhere in the U.S.A. When visiting my page, at the above link, click on the book of your choice. You will go to the books information, including excerpts, reviews, and e-book purchase links. Click on “Get Your Signed Copy Today” to receive your personalized, signed book. Wind River Refuge will also be available in March, and like my other books will have a special price at the Author’s den.

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Catherine Lee said...

I may have been the one who previously asked about the cover. It's exciting that it's your daughter's photo. Is she a photographer? Will her photos be gracing other covers of yours?
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Jackie Anton said...

Kellie's photography is a sideline that she hopes to pursue in the future.
I may use her work again, soon.