Sunday, February 9, 2014

It’s finally here! - Lindsay Harper

After months of waiting (and for someone as impatient as me that’s a long time!) the ARC (advanced readers copy) has finally arrived on my computer. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. Already getting loads of great compliments on the title and the cover. I’m hoping all you bloggers out there will be queuing up to read it before its general release on Feb 13th, the day before Valentine’s day.
You might think How to Have an Affair is a strange title to give someone as a present for Valentine’s day but it really is a love story. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you think it’s a happy ending! One of my readers said it helped her own marriage as it made her realise how much she and her husband took each other for granted. Those of you who are happy with their current partner might think the book doesn’t apply to you but I’m writing it for all those of you who have been tempted or have actually had an affair while still being in love with your current partner.
‘It’ll never happen to me’ is what I said and at the time I thought it was true. For years I was ashamed of my track record in relationships yet I was only talking to someone the other day who admitted they’d been married twice before – so have I. Married and divorced twice by the time I was thirty-four. I’m no longer ashamed and since then have come across loads of women who are in the same position as myself. Many are friends who were also ashamed to tell anyone.

Without an affair I wouldn’t have been happily married to my husband for seventeen years. Everyone said it wouldn’t last and it was only a fling but it has and I’m still in love with him after twenty two years. I can’t imagine having an affair again but I still like writing about them. The only affairs I ever contemplate now are those of my characters who will continue to find real love either with their current partner or their new lover.
Lindsay lives in Yorkshire, England with wonderful husband, Paul. She has two grown up children, three young grandchildren, and four springer spaniels!  She gave up working full time in 2010 to write and has self-published three metaphysical romances to sell at Mind, Body and Spirit fairs. After having fantastic reviews she decided to embark on her passion – contemporary women’s fiction and now wants to reach a wider audience – hence 5 Prince. When she’s not writing, she’s a homeopath, a dog walker and a DIY enthusiast.  For fun she loves Ashtanga yoga, Ascension meditation and the sea – and one day would love to live by it.
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