Sunday, February 9, 2014

Excerpt From Dancer's Heart

Excerpt from the m/m contemporary romance, Dancer's Heart:

     Before Michael, he’d imagined that the love of his life would support his career and be in the audience at every performance giving him standing ovations. He’d wanted someone who would acknowledge how hard he’d worked to earn the lead in the most popular gay act in Vancouver. Then he’d met Michael and that fantasy had evaporated. 
     Michael had sat across from him at their first candle lit dinner at his apartment, flames dancing in his slate gray eyes and told him he didn’t care what he did for a living. He wasn’t in love with his job he was in love with him. It was the first time anyone had ever said those words to him and his fantasy had vanished at the taste of Michael’s kiss.
     It didn’t matter that Michael didn’t love him for his dancing. It meant more that he loved him despite it. If his career came apart tomorrow and he never danced again it wouldn’t change anything. Michael would still be just as sweet, romantic and jealous. There was a certain security in that. 
     The sweet, romantic, jealous man was waiting in his car in the parking lot when he emerged from the club. Michael smiled and he smiled back, sliding into the passenger seat and leaning close to kiss him.
     “Have fun?” Michael asked.
     The exchange was always the same. Michael wasn’t interested in details. He was just being polite.
     “Good,” Michael started the engine, flashing dimples, sunglasses that weren’t necessary in the Vancouver gloom settled in place as he eyed the last of the dancers trickling out the door of the club.
     “How was your workout?” He rested a hand on Michael’s thigh, trying to distract him before he had a chance to bristle over nothing.
     “Not too bad,” Michael pulled out of the alley palming the wheel, the other arm rested across the back of Simon’s seat in an obvious show of ownership. “What would you say to Thai food tonight?”
     “Sounds good.”
     “We could have it delivered.” 
     “I could get into a quiet night at home.” 
     Michael had the night off. So did he and it wasn’t by accident. Glitters’ performances determined his schedule but Michael didn’t have the same problem. His dance club was open seven days a week and as the senior bouncer on the payroll, he could set his own schedule. He made sure they had at least two nights together. It was one of those sweet, endearing gestures. 
     When they got home, he headed for the shower to wash off a second accumulation of sweat. Then he wandered into the living room wearing boxers and a t-shirt to find Michael already on the couch. His heart beat faster at the smile that greeted him. 
     “Come here, baby,” Michael held out his hand and he padded to him, sank into him, settled against him.
     He loved that feeling, surrounded by arms strong enough to pick him up and carry him across the room. He knew they could because Michael did it often enough. Lips traveled from his mouth to slop kisses down his neck, a body that outweighed him by at least fifty pounds of muscle pressing him into the couch, settling between his legs. 

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About the author: DP Denman is an M/M (gay) contemporary romance author from the soggy splendor of the Pacific Northwest. She is an eclectic reader, obsessed writer, and determined LGBT rights activist who lives with her fur babies and a pair of hyper-caffeinated muses. 25% of royalties for all books go to LGBT charities.

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