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A final sprint to the finish line for Wind River Refuge!

Jackie will be awarding a $25 GC to a randomly drawn commenter from the three Pavilion Parties for Wind River Refuge. 12/8/13. 1/15/14. & Today at the conclusion of the rescheduled Pavilion Party Increase your chances to win by commenting on the Super Bowl Sunday Posts on the author’s A to Z Reviews blog.

Blurb: Jax runs for her life and is apprehended by the police. She’s sentenced to a juvenile detention facility, at the tender age of twelve. Lockup becomes an unexpected sanctuary for the traumatized child. It affords a safe harbor from her abuser, but she’s plagued by nightmares well into adulthood. Fate and her Grandmother step in to successfully reduce her sentence, and she’s paroled into a distant cousin’s custody, and relocated to a cattle ranch in Wyoming. The young parolee finds the transition difficult at first. She spends the next nine years learning the ropes, making friends, and a couple of powerful enemies.

She’s been on her own since the age of ten and has of necessity become a fighter, but her aggressive in your face attitude hides a fragile, mistrustful soul. She’s unnerved when instead of her long time friend, a dark imposing stranger shows up at the Denver airport to fly her home.

Garrett left home to attend college under a cloud of suspicion for a brutal crime. He returned more than a decade later wounded from a chopper crash in Vietnam. At odds with his father, he jumps at the chance to get away. His agreement to do a friend a favor changes his life.

Jax discovers that Garrett is the sheriff’s prime suspect for the multiple attacks on her. She confronts him with the lawman’s accusation. Garrett turns on her, but he refuses to confirm or deny the law officer’s charge. The sheriff calls in the FBI to assist with the case. Bodies are unearthed, and the hunt is on to apprehend a murderer.

Harper Blackelk is in the minority among the residents of the Wind River Valley. He doesn’t think that Jax is mentally unbalanced. She’s troubled, but he also believes her to be brave, resourceful, and loyal. He alone knows that she will need all of her bravery and resourcefulness to navigate the dark pathways of the spirit world.

Release Date: 3/1/2014

As promised here is a sneak preview of:
            Cassandra Hoffman orphaned at the age of five was raised by her maternal grandmother. Two decades pass when she is confronted with a letter from her father’s Denver based attorney. She's shocked to learn that her dad lived through the car crash that took her mother and brothers in 1985.

            Casey’s haunting dreams begin with the death of her father. Who is the shadow man in her dreams? Could it be her dad whom she had believed dead? She discovers he had another family, and some dark secrets She sets out to solve the mysteries of her abandonment, and find the answers to the nightshades that threaten her sanity.
            Our heroine runs afoul of a previously unknown nemesis as she searches for answers, but she also finds the love of her life. Will the lovers be able to stave off the influence of a powerful enemy who's determined to keep them separated?

She disconnected her laptop from the large monitor on her desk to place it in her bag and was once again interrupted by an incoming call. Her headache was down to a dull roar, and she thought if it was Mark that she was going to lose it by screaming the roof down. The read out showed it was Gram.
“Hi Gram.”
“Are you coming home soon Casey?”
“I’m packing up my laptop, as we speak, and getting ready to lock up. Is there something you want me to pick up on the way?”
“No dear. Your young man is here, and he is taking us out to dinner.”
“You tell his sorry sneaky ass that if he is still there when I get home I’m going to kick it down the steps, and call the police!” She shouted over the phone as she sprinted out the door of her studio.
The creep has a lot of nerve to waylay Gram like this. See how he likes spending the weekend in the slammer for harassment.
It had been over a month since she walked out on their relationship, and her ire grew at his constant efforts to resume it. Not damn likely. She thought. Not a soul on this earth ever hit her and got a second chance.
The fifteen-minute drive was frustrating; the three traffic lights along her route each turned red, as she approached. She piloted the Yukon into the drive way too fast. Tires screeched in protest when she floored the brakes. She hadn’t spotted his BMW on her way in, but he could have parked it in the school lot and come in the back way. She stormed into the house prepared to do battle, but came to an abrupt halt. He sat at the kitchen table with Gram just like he was at home. She wanted to smack the amused grin off his face.
“I really would prefer to go peaceably, but if you are intent on kicking my backside down the steps you’re welcome to try.” He watched her green eyes flash, but she unclenched her fists.
“Did Gram tell you I said that?”
“No. I was sitting right here when you issued the threat to my person. Every word was quite clear.”
“Your person? I never met a Marine who avoided a cuss word or two.”
“Have you met a lot of Marines, Cassie?”
“What are you doing here, Captain Gannon?”
“Visiting a friend.” He replied in a calm reasonable tone that was the direct opposite of what he was feeling. God, she was spectacular when she was riled up.
“We’re not friends.”
“We used to be friends, Cassie.” There was a longing in his voice that he quickly squelched. “Actually, I was referring to your Grandmother.”
Snorting in disbelief, she countered. “You’re going to sit there and tell me you came here just to visit with my Grandmother. Do you expect me to believe that crock?”
“Casey, what is wrong with you? You are being very rude to Jimmy, and he’s my guest.” Gram was obviously confused by her hostility.
“Jimmy?” Casey inquired before she snorted again, and then broke into laughter.
“He’s little Jimmy? The little Jimmy who rode here from Colorado with his father to bring us home?”
“Yes dear. You were too ill to fly back with me, so Jimmy’s father offered to drive us home.”
Without another word she turned, walked out the door, and pulled the Yukon back to the garage. She could feel his eyes on her as she unloaded a large carrying case and a file folder before heading back toward the house. It was like walking a gauntlet, but she past them and started up the stairs; she stopped, then backed down the steps and looked over her shoulder at him. “Where’s your car Jimmy?” ‘Jimmy’ was spit at him in sarcastic tones that were the polar opposite of the sweet reminiscent qualities of her grandmother’s voice when she used the name.
“I haven’t rented one yet. I just took a cab here from the airport.” She gave him a skeptical look that all but called him a bald faced liar. It was obvious that she didn’t buy his declaration of a simple visit with her grandmother.
“Well, I guess I’m driving.” She gave him an evil grin.
He wondered if she planed on shoving him out of the vehicle into traffic, but decided she wouldn’t do anything violent in front of her grandmother.
A few minutes passed before he heard from her again; she hollered down the steps, “Are you two about ready?”
“Fifteen minutes.” They both answered at the same time, and Gram giggled. She actually giggled! Casey could never remember her grandmother giggling.

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