Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What a great day for a reading party!

Hi Everyone!
The snow is falling fast outside my North Carolina window and looks to be accumulating. That officially makes it a great day to snuggle, read a great story and munch on party food!
I've got a wonderful chocolate, double-fudge layer-cake right here and I'm slicing it into thick pieces. Can I pass you a piece!

While you're enjoying the cake and having a glass of cold milk ... or maybe champagne (why not) ... Let me share with you my latest story, A Path Through the Garden. I'm so excited this story, the sequel to award-winning Nardi Point, has been recognized a First Place Romance Fiction read in the Restorative category by Chatelaine.

Here's the blurb:
Alternative healer Leyla Jo Jared helps others grow their families, yet struggles with her own infertility. Archaeologist scientist husband, Hal Jared dearly wants to share the context and provenience of a multi-racial baby and feels guilty he has let her down. Hoping for a solution for their craving to become a family, Leyla Jo turns to her folkways heritage and explores natural plant botanicals.
When the archaeological exhibit the couple curates is compromised by international scientists from Rome, and the Director of the local Art Museum, the couple’s role in the professional, scientific community is severely challenged. After Hal falls ill, Leyla Jo’s desire leads to a conflicted crossroad … must she choose her husband’s health over their yearning for a child?
Now Leyla Jo must explore her path through the garden and travel her biggest journey.

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Catherine Lee said...

No cake for me, thank-you. BUT, I would prefer to see snow falling outside of MY North Carolina window than the current rain and ice.
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