Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another #Excerpt from ELLA’S COUGAR & RAFFLECOPTER Reminder!

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Here’s another excerpt from ELLA’S COUGAR—Available NOW!
His cousin’s mate had always been cheerful and friendly, but now that she and Ethan were mated, the woman bubbled, even when she wasn’t saying anything. Though he kept his distance most of the time—being around a newly mated couple depressed most unmated shifters—Max never failed to make him smile. Her energy and joy was contagious, and he adored her company. She was the perfect mate for Ethan.

This time though, her presence couldn’t push away whatever he was feeling. He felt as though his heart was breaking, but how could it? Why today? Over the years he’d learned to accept his status. He would forever be alone, never part of a mated pair.

Unlucky enough to meet his mate when he was twelve years old, he’d been dealing with his situation for almost fifteen years. An anomaly in the shifter world, he’d only survived by the sheer will to live and beat the odds. Work, his cousin and their family, and now their new friends, helped him fight the depression and loneliness that threatened nearly every day.

Though he and Ethan were raised in the same home, shared by both families, most shifters lived alone until they found their mates. Many times, if a mate wasn’t found, a shifter could sink deep into a black hole of depression and never emerge. It wasn’t unheard of for an unmated shifter to die of loneliness.

A mated shifter that didn’t claim their mate faced the same risks as an unmated one. His feelings had been easier to control because he met her when they were only children, but once found, both shifters and their mates experience extreme and often confusing desires toward each other.

He’d often wondered what it had been like for her, meeting him so young and watching him change from an animal to a boy and back.


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Sounds great! Gotta love shifter romances!

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