Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Leyla Jo struggles with infertility and turns to natural botanical solutions

A Path Through the Garden
“It’s been too long,” she whispered, her words escaping into the late afternoon as she
snuggled her friend’s newborn closer into her dark-mocha arms. Barely an hour earlier, baby Ben had
made his way into the world joining her dear friend’s family.
Leyla Jo Jared felt Laurinda’s gaze on her and the infant she held. Leyla Jo didn’t dare raise her
eyes to check whether Laurinda had heard. Hope not. This isn’t the place or time to burden her with
wistfulness. Or my disappointment. She resmoothed the blanket snugly around the infant’s legs. The
day of birth is a momentous event to be remembered with happiness and
celebration. She refused to let sadness mar Laurinda’s joy.

Have any friends and family struggled with infertility? This is a loving story for them.

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