Sunday, February 9, 2014

Through the Oracle's Mist


Warrior's Watchtower

and beyond...


     In book one everything changes in a flash for the seven Vengelys brothers, literally a flash...but now they're back and everything they thought they knew has changed too. Did we really believe that Amaranth would remain constant for thousands of years as Cyrenna and the brothers existed elsewhere? 
     Warrior's Watchtower picks up from the court floor that fateful day taking us through the lives left behind.

     "When I was young, they were my world.

      They were the villians and the heros all rolled into one. I was one of them even when I stood apart. They were my staunch and most steadfast supporters, defenders, and stewards who made me their princess.

      Now my throne lays bare as I have no kingdom, no world I want without them."
     ~Jondre, Warrior's Watchtower
     The Eupion have continued their quest and slaughter. With the Vengelys brothers elsewhere, a new family has stepped up to be the right hand of the throne...until once again, things change. Have the Vengelys arrived just in the nick of time to save the world they left behind? Or only just in time to become the latest to fall...


"The whispered word is that the attack was brutal, more so than others and that he was alone when they came. No one knows or has said where the other brothers were, they usually fought together. He made his stand and makes this journey now, alone. Word is also, that he is dead. Proper committal is required and dictates any opportunity to return to another existence beyond this one, so we wait for the arrival.

They are bringing the body here. I do not wish to see it. Evidence of the Eupion bloodlust is not required for me for this. I am able to know without seeing. The choice however is not mine to make and so I sit with her and wait for him to be brought in.

What happens now is anyone’s guess."
 -Jondre, Warrior's Watchtower


"The ceremony begins like everything here, with chimes. They are complex and lulling but ominous too. So many stand in place waiting for their turn to return from whence we came and begin anew. One by one I watch them fall as I wait for my turn.

The words of the Oracle play through my mind once again and I cannot help but question, deny, and grieve. He chose. He came. Yet, here I stand and wait for this time to end."
-Cyrenna, Warrior's Watchtower


Do I have your attention now?

If you missed the begining, there's still time to catch up before Warrior's Watchtower releases.
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Joyce said...

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! I MUST have the rest of the story.

Joyce said...

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! I MUST have the rest of the story.

Aedan Byrnes said...

Double posted? I believe ye lass.

DeeDee Dhreamer said...

Jondre!!! YES... ya killing mm, Smalls!!! ;p