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Seductive, strong vixens + Excerpt from The Enchanted Meadow (R)

I’m not sure why but most of my heroines are more experienced sexually and more worldly than my heroes. This is mainly because my heroines are usually goddesses, faeries, vampires or some other kind of otherworldly being that is much older than the hero.
This isn’t typical of romances, or at least the romances I used to read that had helpless heroines. I can’t relate to helpless women so I can’t write helpless heroines. I like strong-willed heroines that don’t back down to opposition.
Alina, the tree faery in The Enchanted Meadow is more experienced than Taran, but she needs his help so in a way, she is vulnerable without being completely weak. She helps him as much as he helps her to overcome the curse, and the results of that curse in the meadow.
I realize some men don’t like strong women, which is why I like to write heroes that are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel threatened by a smart, more experienced woman. Besides, it’s fun to have the confident heroine torment the hero a little bit when they first meet, to throw him off his guard. A little teasing and tormenting creates that sexual tension that romance readers love so much. I think characters like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind influenced me. Her sharp tongue and wit left men open-mouthed with wonder. It didn’t hurt either that she was a beauty.
What hero can turn away from a seductive heroine that has it all—beauty, brains and butt-kicking attitude? Below is an excerpt from The Enchanted Meadow that introduces Alina, the seductive Tree Faerie.
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Title: The Enchanted Meadow
Publisher: Freya’s Bower
Genre: Short erotic fantasy romance
Release date: 11/22/11
Pages: 46
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Excerpt from The Enchanted Meadow, Rated R

The mist crawled toward him, caressing his body like nimble fingers, stroking his lips, chest, and encircling his member. His shaft throbbed with arousal under the otherworldly caresses. The copper-haired beauty came to him again, bringing a welcome smile to his lips. Her green eyes peered at him beneath gold-tipped lashes, beckoning him. Without speaking, she allowed her tunic dress to slip off her shoulders. It fell around her ankles landing in a heap on the leaf-strewn ground.

Moonlight cast a bright silver halo around her head, giving her the essence of a love goddess. Moonbeams splashed down her naked body, revealing curvaceous hips and swollen breasts that tempted him, awakening his lust. His erection pushed against his trews, painful and urgent.

Smiling, she kissed him, brushing her hands all over his body. His crumpled clothes joined hers on the ground in a disjointed embrace.

Her long, lustrous hair spilled to her hips in a fiery plunge, teasing his naked skin as she planted kisses down his chest and to his throbbing member.

She made magic with her tongue that no mortal woman could master, flicking it across his shaft at lightning speed. It felt as if multiple tongues brushed along his skin, the dancing flames set his body on fire. The unquenchable fire sizzled into an inferno, threatening to burst. He came in a thunderous orgasm, his body rocking from the force of the mighty eruption.

“Now it is my turn to pleasure ye, my fiery lassie.” He stroked her clit, lightly rolling it between his fingers. Her wetness glistened in the moonlight.

With his mouth, he explored her sex, relishing her sweet womanly scent of apples, rosemary, and a hint of roses. The exotic blend intoxicated him. Caressing her silky thighs with his hands, he moved his tongue in circles, flicking her clit in soft strokes.

Moaning, she arched her milky white hips, moving against his mouth in an urgent rhythm that matched their rapid heartbeats. Quivers shot through her body, and her climax pulsated around him. He captured her essence, her sweet nectar.

They lay under the moon and the stars in a sated embrace.

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mnjcarter said...

Scorcher of an excerpt! I also want the heroines I read about to be strong willed. Nothing turns me off a book more than a whinny, weak heroine! I read books where the males are strong and dominat and I expect the women to be able to challenge throughout the story or at least be strong enough for the male lead.

Debby said...

Very hot! I need a fan. Thanks so much for posting
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