Sunday, December 4, 2011


I have really enjoyed being with all of you today.  It's such a wonderful opportunity for a new writer like me to be able to connect with lots of people.  I like to surround myself with friends and since becoming a published author, I have been the recipient of so much support and kindness.  It makes me proud of the career path I've chosen and keeps me going even when I feel like a bumbling idiot.  I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts today as much as I've enjoyed writing them.  And I do hope that you'll consider hopping over to my personal blog, "The Southern Belle from Hell", from time to time so that we can keep in touch.  I can also be found on Facebook under Alexandra Christian and Lexxx Christian, The Southern Belle from Hell. 

And as a reward for being so patient with me today, another excerpt from "Masquerade!" 


Instantly his lips kissed lightly across her collarbone, lingering in the tiny cup formed at its center. Ever so softly he traveled down her front weaving a maze of burning kisses, then nudging the loose fabric encasing her breasts aside to kiss around the swells of each breast. Her nipples were so sensitive that the smooth silk scraped against them like fine grained sandpaper. It was almost painful until he freed them with a gentle tug then captured one of the swollen buds between his lips. She moaned with the delicious agony as he suckled at first one and then the other, tugging the prickled flesh against his teeth.

"Wait…" she panted. "There are so many people…"

"Look around, love," he murmured.

She opened her eyes and blinked, trying to clear them. In the dim firelight of the room, she could see that what she had thought were merely masked dancers taking their revelry was really a seething crowd caught up in a dance of sexual decadence. Their bodies were so contorted around one another, that in some cases Blythe couldn’t tell where one person ended and the other began. Some were couples, others threesomes and still more were simply being passed from one group to another. Hands and mouths caressed bare flesh, their moans simply fading into the dark symphony. He smiled wickedly, watching her eyes glaze over with a lustful gleam.

"There is no shame in taking pleasure. Why hide it?" His hand slid along her thigh where he still held her against him. The train of the gown was slit nearly to her waist, making it easy for him to gain access to her most hidden places. "They are beautiful, are they not?"

"Yes," she sighed, feeling his fingertips, so cool against her hot skin, creeping farther back until they reached the edge of her sex. She gasped but didn’t recoil. "So beautiful."

"Doesn’t it arouse you to think that some of them are watching you now," he purred against her ear just as he slid the tip of a finger between the outer lips of her sex. "Each of them getting more turned on as they watch your body tense and hear your desperate whines."

The sinuous digits delved deeper, collecting the slippery drops of fluid that clung to the tiny petals. He slid the pads of his fingertips around the opening of her sex, massaging gently until she was arching against him involuntarily. With an evil chuckle he pulled away, leaving her empty, her sex clutching for something to grasp hold of.


Alright, my lovelies.  It's been a pleasure.  I hope to see you over at my blog soon where you'll be leaving comments about how you bought "Masquerade" on 12/17 and have now Been Belled!


mnjcarter said...

Thank you! That was an awesome excerpt to exit on!

Debby said...

I love naughty contest. Great excerpt
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Jen B. said...

Oooo, a little naughty!