Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here's a little more fun from White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings!


Abby stumbled into the kitchen for a drink without bothering to turn the lights on. The ambient glow from the streetlight was usually enough for her to find her way. Yet tonight, the glow was absent.

Maybe it's cloudy outside.

She felt her way along the wall and crossed the dining room toward the kitchen, only to run into a solid wall where there shouldn't be one. Abby stuck out her hands, and felt... skin. Warm, solid, muscled, skin, dusted with hair. Male skin.

She screamed, prompting another warm, solid, muscled male body to slide behind her, his hand gently covering her mouth. She was bracketed by them in an almost naked Abby sandwich.

No way, Jose! I've seen this kind of movie too many times. I'm not gonna end up on the wrong side of a slasher film with screeching music after letting some strangers feel me up.

The man in front of her framed her face with his hands as if he wanted to kiss her, so she placed her palms on either side of his waist as he drew near, pulling him just a little bit closer.


The guy in front of her went down with a whimper, her sharp knee right on target. She flung her head back toward the man behind her, hoping he was close enough and short enough for her skull to hit him in the face.
She was correct on both guesses, and the second man went down. Abby ran for her cell phone and the front door, dialing 9-1-1 as she fumbled with the locks.

The phone went dead. Dropping the useless thing, she undid four of the locks by feel before she heard the men stirring. She shot a glance behind her and doubled her efforts, only to find all the locks re-secured when she turned the light on. "Holy crap! What the hell is going on?" I know I undid those locks. I've done it a thousand times.

"We're your Christmas presents, Abby." A man's pained voice sounded from the bodies she'd left near the kitchen.

Abby turned toward them after glancing again at the dead cell phone. The locks, she couldn't explain.

The men rose shakily, helping each other up. Two nearly identical "steaming hot, muscled hunks of love," her girlfriends at work would call them. She could easily imagine her friends pushing each other out of the way to shove crisp dollar bills down the men's tight, brightly colored little thongs.

Thongs in Chicago in December? Oh no. "Uhm... you said you were my Christmas presents?"

They nodded in tandem.

"Did Mandy and Kim send you? I told them not to get me anything for Christmas, damn it!"

The men shrugged, and the one with the bloodied nose pulled a towel away from his face. "We don't know who sent us, Abby, just that we're here to grant your every desire."

"Great. How about you start by cleaning the bathroom? I hate doing that. Or are you strictly the dancing and dollar bill type?"

They glanced at each other in confusion, and she groaned when their eyes widened in obvious interest while they checked each other out. She had to admit, her friends definitely had good taste in eye candy. Completely delicious, from the top of their heads, past their broad, muscled chests, ripped abs, over their miniscule thongs, down their perfectly sculpted legs, and all the way down to their feet. One of which, on each man, was covered in an odd sock that looked suspiciously like the ones from her window sill.

She sighed in disappointment as they completely ignored her for each other. "The bathroom's that way, guys." She pointed down the hall, and strode into the bedroom to dress and down a couple of aspirin for the pounding headache she felt starting. "Just my luck. Two gorgeous men at my beck and call, bought and paid for... and they're gay. Figures." She shut the door on her fantasies and changed into her sweats.

* * *

"Oh yeah, shove it in there! Harder! Harder!"

The enthusiastic shout coming from her bathroom had Abby rushing to finish dressing. No way. No fucking way! They couldn't be... not in her bathroom!

"Wait, it's too tight." The other voice sounded strained, panting hard. "I don't think it's going to fit -- oh, there it goes!" A disgusting sound squirted wetly, the sound coming faster and faster as the men cheered themselves on, breathing harder and harder.

"Who knew there would be so much suction?"

"Damn, it's kind of dirty, don't you think?"

She stood outside the bathroom door, hesitating. It was swung closed, but not entirely shut. Just a little push, and it would swing open wider...

No, that would be disturbing their privacy.

Still unsure, she nudged the door with her foot. Oops. She peeked through the slight gap in the door, feeling kind of naughty, but ready for a little man-on-man action to liven up her Christmas Eve.


~ Cassidy


mnjcarter said...

Seriously?? You're going to end the excerpt at that? Okay, that was an awesome tease, I'll admit it. I'm thinking a couple different things right now, either the sink or toilet was plugged or they really are getting it on in there. You're good, you know how to hook someone. LOL

Cassidy McKay said...

Bwahahaha! Mission accomplished. ;)

But the boys have even more of a shocking surprise. One that not even *I* anticipated.