Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is White Hot

If you write holiday stories, Christmas comes early. My Christmas stories are written
in summer, when the sun is high and the days are hot. I love the images of
falling snow, hanging icicles and lighted Christmas trees. I think of cozy
mountain cabins with logs burning in the fireplace.

I like to take my hero and heroine out of the cities and the suburbs and isolate them in snow-covered mountains and forests. I’ve written three holiday books for Changeling Press: Canine Christmas, Canine Call and Canine Cop.

As you can see there’s a theme developing. I love writing paranormal stories about werewolves and their Christmas adventures. This year the images of falling snow and a cozy cabin didn’t
inspire me, but watching a news story about soldiers serving in Special Forces did. An idea began to spin in my brain and I decided to write a story about a female soldier. Sgt. Sezri Adar is a female werewolf who leads her Special Forces werewolf team on a covert operation on Christmas Eve. Wounded, Sezri orders her team back to the helicopter pickup point. Alone in hostile territory, Sezri must survive for the next twenty-four hours and make it to an alternate
pickup point.

But a holiday romance needs a hero, a handsome, brave man with a good heart. Lt. Calix Klatt is human and heading a werewolf Special Forces Unit has been a test of his leadership ability. Now he’s faced with the ultimate challenge: follow protocol by waiting out the holiday and hope Sezri
makes it back alive or put his career on the line and go after the woman he secretly loves.

My heroes are hunky and my stories sexy, but when writing holiday stories I aim to warm the reader’s heart along with other parts. I hope Holiday Moon does both.
Happy Holidays,

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mnjcarter said...

This book sounds like it's right up my alley. Werewolves are my favorite shifters. There's something very hot and sexy about those military men. Putting this one on my list!!