Sunday, December 4, 2011


Patriot At Any Cost has just been released in Hardcover, available at Amazon: A Nifty stocking stuffer! Its set in New England - WWII is a backdrop - and Romance is at its heart.
All the action is in the great outdoors, though: and in an effort to protect the coast, our heroine takes to the skies!

I love the Maine Coastline, from any view point really - but imagine what it looks like from the air. There are some fantastic views of Phippsburg/Popham Beach online - take a look at this. Wouldn't it be amazing to tour along the coast and islands on a small plane?

In Patriot: At Any Cost: excerpt from a flight scene:

'She dutifully peered over the cockpit edge of the elderly bi-plane. Below, white foaming trim on cresting waves showed up well
against the deeper, blue-black waters, but only in a spattering of patches,
where the fog thinned. To the side, she could see thick fog rolling
toward the shoreline, rapidly washing out any useful landmark
from her view.
Visibility posed a problem, and not just because of how difficult
it might be to locate the submarine out there. They had to
have some idea of where they were. Lill clamped down on her increasing
queasiness and looked in all directions. Where did all
this fog come from?
Fog as thick as pea soup engulfed the little plane. It seemed
deep and firm enough to step out onto.
“Do you know where we are?”
“Not exactly. See if you can spot something you recognize.”
Occasional glimpses of blue appeared in odd relief through
thin patches of the fog. Lill half heard...'

The Paperback version would make a great stocking Stuffer!


Debby said...

Wow, I love the concept. Sounds like an amazing story.
debby236 at gmail dot com

shadow_kohler said...

This sounds interesting! I do love the cover! ;) Thanks for sharing!

Maria D. said...

Fantastic cover! This sounds interesting and I love reading books set in the WW2 period. Thanks for the excerpt


Ka from NH said...

Ditto - fabulous cover and it sounds great, thanks for taking us up over the coast for a moment! :)