Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Morning from Dawn Montgomery

Good morning!

I'm up here in Alaska, and it's freeeezing this morning! Brrrr. The coffee's brewing, everything is still and silent, and I'm enjoying a few moments of peace before I have to wake the household.

What is your favorite time of day?

Mine happens to be mornings like this. I look out across the neighborhood and admire the shimmering top layer of snow. It looks like glitter.

No sun until around 10am, yet I can see clearer now than you can imagine. The snow reflects the light of the moon. The northern lights sometimes slide overhead, greens, yellows, reds. Moments like this make me believe in magic, in the strength of the heart, and anything is possible. And just like that *snap* a story idea is born.

Today you'll be given tons of tidbits, hot and delicious excerpts and all kinds of fun from the Changeling Press authors.

With Changeling Press's amazing contest, you could win free ebooks for a year! Plus many other prizes. How do you do it? Every purchase of a White Hot Christmas story enters you in the contest! These short and sexy tales promise to deliver enough heat to melt ice...and I think we have some of THAT in our books as well. ;)

Did you ever wonder if Santa and Mrs. Clause had a family? I happened upon one of their nephews in my travels. Luke Klaus (fans self. YUM). Seems he's got a little problem in Destiny, Texas...a lady by the name of Noella Davis. This sexy little beauty has lost the Christmas spirit, and it's up to Luke to bring it any means necessary. Oh. And he can't use magic...because he was...well...naughty. :D And don't we loooove naughty?

Luke Klaus has a problem. Christmas will be canceled if he can't get Destiny, Texas, back on the Holiday Cheer Map. A Christmas wish is all that stands between him and a perfect record. His target is packed with killer curves and a heart of gold that's been broken one too many times. Lucky for Luke, mixing a little business with pleasure might be just what the holiday doctor ordered.

Noella Davis is tired. Too many years as Destiny's cheer coordinator has left her drained and disillusioned. Is it a coincidence that brings her face-to-face with her old crush, or does the man in black leather have his own agenda? Either way, she'll have her cake and eat it too even if she has to tie him to the bed. Maybe her Christmas wishes will come true...

This really is a case for The Other Klaus.


Debby said...

Anet concept. I would love to read his story.
debby236 at gmail dot com

mnjcarter said...

Would love to have Alaskas weather right now. I live in MN. it actually rained yesterday! Not looking good for a white Christmas!
Morning is also my Favorite time of day, for much of the same reasons. It's so quite in my little zoo at this time of the morning. Soon all the kids will be up, and that will be the last of that until they leave for school.
HYour story sounds delicious, looking forward to seeing just how naughty Luke is!

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Debby Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to write. :)

@mnjcarter I used to live in North Dakota, and the winters there were so bitter and full of ice rain. Luke was definitely a naughty one. So much fun to write!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

XoXo Dawn