Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens!

Earlier I blogged about my pup, Anubis. It's only fair that I give my kitties their fair coverage. My youngest cat, Jamu, is a black and brown tabby with a white V at her neck. She's the snuggler in the family. I can always count on her to keep my lap warm. She's also the sweetest furry family member. Never acts up, doesn't destroy anything, and really just lives for deli meat. Here she is.
Ain't she a tiger cub? Unfortunately, she's a bit less than a tiger. Everything spooks her. Doorbells, small children, shadows. Oh, well.

My older cat, Shikari, is a true witch's familiar. She's all black with huge yellow eyes. She's beautiful and she knows it. For a small cat, weighing only about 8 pounds, she's got all the confidence of a huge jaguar. She enjoys sitting on my window sill in my living room and conjuring up lightning storms. As bold as she is though, I do catch her every so often hiding out in our bathroom sink. She does that when she's stressed. Silly cat. Here she is.
Can't you just tell she's casting as spell? Hope you haven't gotten on her bad side.  :)

I love BIG cats too. In fact, my book, ALLEY CAT, was written because of my love of sleek, black jaguars. In this tale, Renn Tigris is next in line to be king of the Felinians, but he must find a mate first. He visits our world and immediately falls for photographer, Shara Dumorte.

Here's an excerpt:

She turned her attention to the growing heat
beneath her. Taut muscles worked hard under the
fur pressed into her palms. Though a man had
originally offered her help in the alley, no man was
with her now. Her only guide at present was this
animal moving lithely, swiftly through the
thickening forest.

Its pace slowed, and a bright yellow-green
eye came into view as the creature’s head swung to
the right. Moonlight filtered through the treetops,
revealing a regal profile.

A cat. A huge, black panther to be exact.
Nostrils flared, breathed in scents, analyzed,
decided. Whiskers twitched, and the massive feline
leaped to a flat rock as Shara held on. It lowered
its body so she could slide off. The fur was a silken
sheet beneath her hands. A fleeting desire to get
naked and rub her body, cat-style, over the fur
almost consumed her.

Before she gave in to the ridiculous
yearning, the panther shimmered—like a quick
blurring of reality—and a naked man stood before

Her eyes combed over the well-defined
contours of his body. Long legs, powerful arms,
strong shoulders. Muscles gave his skin an athletic,
chiseled look, and Shara wanted to spend eternity
admiring him. Perhaps admiring wouldn’t be

The man’s chin-length black hair looked as
soft as the fur of the panther. Shara reached out a
hand, not able to control the desire to touch him.
Quick as lightning, however, he disappeared over
the side of the rock. An instant emptiness filled
Shara. She took a step in the direction he had fled,
but within a moment, he was back and adjusting
the folds of a long, charcoal overcoat. Shara
stumbled back, but couldn’t help being a little
disappointed he was so thoroughly wrapped.

“What are you?” she whispered.
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Christine DePetrillo


mnjcarter said...

I love shifter books, the heroes are always hot dominant and alpha!
Thanks for the excerpt!

Debby said...

My two cats look very similar to your. My black cat though has some white on her chest and my tiger is not as well defined.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Christine DePetrillo said...

I love my girls! They are the best cats ever. My black one does have a few white hairs on her chest and her underside. We searched all over for my striped one because we wanted that tiger look. See, I really want a jaguar, a tiger, and a wolf, but know they don't make good pets. LOL. :)

Thanks for reading my posts, folks!


shadow_kohler said...

This sounds awesome! Shifter stories are my favorite reads. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Maria D. said...

Such cute kittens! Thanks for sharing the excerpt