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New short erotic fantasy--a Tree Faery, a warrior and a cursed meadow

Title: The Enchanted Meadow

Publisher: Freya’s Bower

Genre: Short erotic fantasy romance

Release date: 11/22/11

Pages: 46

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Warriors from the Raven clan are sent to guard the king's cattle. They are unprepared for the strange, otherworldly happenings in the new winter grazing land, including nocturnal visits by a beautiful lass. Only their leader, Taran, can save them—if he remembers how.


Alina wanted to cry out to him, but her throat would not form any sounds. The one who had betrayed her and trapped her in this tree had taken away her speech so she could not ask for help to escape her prison. So many centuries had turned, each season passing in a blur of muted colors, her hope fading. Now someone had come, a mortal who could help her, but she needed to communicate with him in some way. Sighing, she realized she was not even sure she knew how to break the curse.

He watched her now with curious eyes, unaware that she also watched him. When she concentrated all of her power, she could imprint an image of her face on the tree trunk, becoming one with the tree. Only he had seen her face in the tree bark, so she knew he was more than a simple warrior. He had the mind of a druid. Only the one who could help her would be able to see into other realms and pay such close attention to her tree. She sensed the affection in his caress. Shivers of pleasure shot through her body at his gentle touch, giving her a sense of hope.

She studied him, admiring the confident way he commanded his men even as he faced the unknown. He stood regal and powerful, the blue warrior marks he earned shadowing the austere planes of his handsome face. Long, golden-copper streaked hair plunged down his back in a wild tangle. She yearned to run her hands through his thick mane again.

As if reading her thoughts, he glanced back at her tree, his bright blue eyes darkening to a deeper hue in the shifting light, his face softening from its usual hardness. When he looked in her direction, he let slip his true feelings he hid from his warriors. Her heart sang with compassion for him.

She felt herself blush at his penetrating gaze. His eyes awakened that feeling of familiarity in her again, but she still could not place it. If she escaped her prison, she could go to him now. Frowning, she thought how she hated the tree that felt like a tomb. The world beyond the tree taunted her with its bright autumn colors, a world so full of life and freedom. She could not bear to look upon it any longer.

To help her bide her time, she thought about their coupling. Her body flushed at the memory. She recalled how wonderful his muscles had felt beneath her touch and the way he had kissed her, caressing her secret places with his skillful tongue, making her moan and quake. A twinge of desire flickered inside her at the thought of having him touch her again tonight.

When they discovered another missing cow, they would have to stay. At least she hoped so. She continued to hide some of their cattle to keep the warrior there so eventually he could help her escape.

At first, she only wanted to use him to help her escape, but now her body trembled with affection for the golden warrior. After he rekindled what had been dormant for so long inside of her, she began to yearn for him and his tender, passionate touch. Could she let him go? And if he should eat of the apples….

* * *

Praise for The Enchanted Meadow:
"Hauntingly beautiful; this enchanting story takes
the reader into a magical meadow where there is
a bad curse and an evil source watching. These
exceptional characters carry out a plot that
ensnares the reader and keeps you there until
the end."
Reviewed by Wateena

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

Captivating...Sensual...Otherworldly out my long hair hotties!

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mnjcarter said...

I can honestly say, I have never read a book with a tree faery as one of the main characters, and I read A LOT of paranormal. Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the excerpt! Great review.

Debby said...

This sounds intriguing. I have never read a book using this.
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shadow_kohler said...

I do love the sound of this! Thanks for sharing!

Celtic Chick said...

Hi mnjcarter, Debby and shadow_kohler, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to ready my post. Glad you all like the tree faery as a heroine. :)

Maria D. said...

This sounds different and very interesting! Thanks for sharing the excerpt