Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cassidy's here!

Better late than never, right? I'm excited to see my fellow Changeling authors here, and boy have they been heating up the room.

I was very lucky to have my story Christmas Stalkings included in the White Hot Christmas lineup at Changeling this year.

I hope you'll enjoy the antics of my deliciously naughty elf, Henry, as he tries to get back into the North Pole's good graces after some of his not-made-for-kids toys go a little haywire. Here's a little taste of the madness:

White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings
by Cassidy McKay

What's a Christmas Elf to do when he wants to sex up the North Pole a bit? Make adult toys, of course!

When Henry's Elven magic goes awry, Santa's workshop will never be the same.

White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings by Cassidy  McKay

Henry removed his socks, took a quick sniff and shrugged, then hung them on the windowsill. They looked oddly out of place in an apartment that had little to recommend it for the holiday season.

A siren wailed in the distance, quickly blending into the background noise of the city. Tilting his head, the Elf considered the implications of a siren, then ignored it. It's not really breaking and entering if I didn't break anything to enter, right?

He rummaged through several of his pockets to bring out a Christmas tree-shaped air freshener, brushed the lint off, and hung it on the window between the stockings with a little suction cup.

With a twinkle of his eye and a gentle twist to his left nipple ring, a bright purple pulse of magic surrounded the items and then faded away. He squinted, looking closer. It couldn't have been purple. Christmas magic is supposed to be red and green.

He stood back to stare at his makeshift decorations. For a disbarred Elf, he hadn't done too badly. At least The Claus hadn't taken away his magic... yet. The hearing wasn't until after the New Year, anyway.

His last attempt to bring a little joy into people's lives rushed back as if it were only yesterday. Then he smiled in wry humor -- it was only yesterday! But Holy Pointed Elven Ears, what a day...

* * *

Henry really hadn't meant to cause a ruckus in the Toy Shoppe. He'd just tried to sex up the place a little bit. Everyone seemed to think Christmas Elves were little green androgynous drones with pointy ears, endlessly building toys for good little boys and girls.

Not Henry. Well, he did have the pointy ears, and he did like to build toys. But he really preferred adult toys. He'd brought some of his new inventions to work to present to Mr. and Mrs. Claus and the Approval Committee. Unfortunately, his magic was rather unpredictable at best -- and the toys he invented were made with magic.

Foregoing the simple red and green Christmas magic Elves usually used to make toys, he preferred using the rarer, more dangerous purple magic -- the kind adult Elves used in secret. However, his attempts at building toys using either type of magic didn't always make them work the way they were intended to, no matter how good his intentions.

Yesterday's incident probably fell into the "Worse than disastrous" category. He'd finally been invited to show the Committee his inventions. He was nervous, but he'd put on a good face, even when minor things started going haywire. Things went from bad to worse faster than a reindeer could land on a rooftop.

First, Santa reached into the sack on the table before the Committee and brought out what looked like a toy statue. The tiny female figure it portrayed was buxom, to say the least. The old man's eyebrows rose and his glasses slipped down his nose when he noticed her black leather corset, short skirt and thigh-high leather boots. Santa's brows knit together and he glanced at Henry, ignoring the Elf's frantic scrambling to grab the statue.

"No Santa, don't push that button, I haven't fixed it yet..."

Santa pushed the button on the back of the statue.

In the twinkle of an eye and a whirl of purple sparkling magic, the outfit disappeared from the statue, leaving a fully developed, anatomically correct doll, complete with pierced nipples and neatly shaven pubes.

Henry watched as Santa's mouth dropped open in shock and the old man's knit brows whipped into a furious frown. "Henry!"

"Santa, I can explain..."

The loud, shared gasp coming from the Committee cut Henry's explanation short. Santa turned quicker than a wink to see his formerly demure wife now dressed in the wicked outfit that had just been on the doll.

The black leather gear revealed a savagely curved, white-haired, vintage sex goddess worthy of hours of devoted worship. The lethal-looking whip dangling from her hand only added to the spicy image.

Santa's tenting pants told Henry he noticed, too. More tents arose from the Committee. Could this be a tentative approval?

Mrs. Claus cautiously moved the whip in her hand, watching it writhe with the slightest touch. A naughty smile curved her lips as she gave the whip a swift crack, landing a satisfying snap near Santa. She raised an eyebrow, looking first at Henry, then the doll, and finally at her husband advancing toward her with a telltale twinkle in his eye.

Henry suddenly remembered the other magic he'd installed with the doll. Attitude Plus. Inhibitions zero. "Uhm, Santa? You might want to reconsider..."

"Shut up, Henry," Mr. and Mrs. Claus said in tandem, their eyes locked on one another.

Mrs. Claus turned toward the door, her deliciously shaped ass outlined in smooth black leather. She walked away in the fuck-me-heeled boots as if born to lead, striding forward with a swinging gait as the leather skirt danced around the top of her dimpled thighs. She turned the lock on the Committee door with a quiet snick.

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All rights reserved.
Copyright (c)2011 Cassidy McKay


mnjcarter said...

Oh yeah, leather and whips at he North Pole!! Sounds delicious!! Can you imagine, Mrs. Claus in leather, sitting on Santas lap, while he was holding a whip?!?. What a great pic that would make. Henry the elf, with nipple ring. Might change my viewpoint on elves.
He sounds like a very intelligent elf to me!!

I'm glad you made it to the party, great excerpt!!

Cassidy McKay said...

LOL thanks! And believe me, Henry makes use of those nipple rings. He's a kinky devil.


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Love it!! Love the profile pic, too. :-)