Thursday, December 15, 2011

Season's Greetings... Now Where's The Mute Button?

You;ve heard, them. I've heard them... over and over and over again! But every year its the same thing! Holiday Songs that make you want to pull your hair out! How about we look at these little gems and see if you feel the same.

Oh it gets better, or worse... This little gem will have you jabbing cotton swabs in you ears in no time!

Last Christmas... there is a reason she gave that heart away, buddy! Be thankful she didn't regift! Otherwise there would be new elements to this song.

And this one... Way to go Big Guy! Scar the kid for life! She went to bed with visions of shared custody and divorce in her future!

Give her one! Just shut her up! Get that kid a Hippo!

Cute Overload! But... I have a huge gap! This was not a happy song for me!

But there are a few I sing all year long! *g*

So I guess if they played more of these I wouldn't compain. But I have to say, the number one most annoying get stuck in your head song of all...

! know, I know... you are very much welcome! LOL



mnjcarter said...

Madonna sounds like a munchkin singing that song!

I love dogs, have 2, but HELL NO, that was just plain earsplitting!

George Micheal, didn't like him then, certainly don't now. What a puke!!

Ugh,John. I can picture him kissing Santa more than Mommy.

My Mom used to play that Hippo song when we were little, even though I never wanted one!

Alvin and the Chipmunks do it better. I've heard that sonf sung by my kids so many times, I was going to glue teeth in their mouths when they had lost them.

Yep,the Grinch is all that!

Haven't heard the last one at work YET this year, but I'm sure it's coming. They did actually play Grandma got Runover by A Reindeer yesterday at work, seems to be pretty popular, hear it a lot. I wonder what that says about the DJ's that keep it going?!

mnjcarter said...

Stephanie, check out the post above yours from Megan Slayer. She's got something so perfect for you!! (Yeah, and me too, I guess)

Stephanie Burke said...

oh I am checking it out right now! LOL