Sunday, December 4, 2011

Patriot: At Any Cost : new WWII Historical

Will desperate danger ever wash ashore on Maine's craggy coastline? It hardly seems likely... the War is so terribly far away.

Lillian wants nothing more than to join the war effort, especially since her childhood sweetheart is headed to war: but what can she do?

Discover how one determined woman and her clever fella change a world...


The white of the picket fence gate stood out in the darkness. It marked the top of the bluff. Lill thought of the cliff’s edge. Time stood still as she paused there, one hand on the gate, her mind spinning desperately against the unimaginable fate before her.

The cliff seemed the only way; the jagged rocks, far below, her only escape. She would simply run...

Is this a: A World War II historical? A romance -an adventure - what?
'Patriot: At Any Cost' is all that - with just a bit of local humor too. It's set on the coast of Maine - the real 'Downeast' area including Phippsburg, Popham Beach, Bath, and the fictional village of Smalls, set along the Kennebec River.

The area itself is dramatic, and so is the era. There were heroic exploits and feats in battle, but it was also a time for ordinary folks - those who didn't or couldn't go off to war - to join the common cause.

Heroism took center stage. Battles were featured in the newspapers. Yet, all around the edges of the 'big events' - the stuff that made history - are these other, half-hidden, amazing stories.

Patriot: At Any cost, conjures up the heartfelt atmosphere of that era. There were home-guards on coastlines, there were transport pilots that didn't fly in battle but delivered goods, there were ladies PAINTING a bit of color on their legs so they could donate their nylons to make parachutes. It was a trying time and people,not just heroes, but everyday people, rose to the occasion.

'Patriot: At Any Cost' is about one determined young woman, and a few friends in Maine who try to support the common cause and make a difference.



anne hunter said...

Another one of nancy's great stories. The setting is authentic, the character so real and the story just flows! This gal can write.

Debby said...

What a recommendation! There are not that many WWII books out there. I love reading about that time!
debby236 at gmail dot com

Maria D. said...

This sounds really interesting! Thanks for the excerpt!

Anonymous said...

A rich, fun story that captures the people and spirit of WWII. You'll enjoy the adventures of Lill and her friends as they make it through tough times, tragedy and triumph, with laughter, music and love.

Jen B. said...

I am always looking for new historicals to add to my collection. I don't think I have anything set during WWII. I have a couple from WWI. This story looks interesting.

Ka from NH said...

It's wonderful that Smalls is surrounded by actual Maine towns and bodies of water, I really like that. Also fantastic that it includes humor, drama and especially, cooperation towards a common cause - Nice!