Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmastime is Here...(Warning: Suggestive book covers included)

The tree is trimmed. The lights are hung outside. Candles are in the windows. Stockings are hung by the gas fireplace with care. Wreaths are in place, and I've already hosted a Christmas party.

Clearly, December has commenced.

I've started Christmas shopping, and fortunately my family is small. I'll probably be done next week. Don't hate me.

Christmas music is all I'll listen to now whether it's on the radio or from my private collection that includes everything from Kenny G to Transiberian Orchestra to Ray Charles. This time of year always makes me wish I could sing, but I'd have better luck carrying an elephant instead. The beauty of listening to this holiday music while driving alone in my car is that I can throw caution to the wind and sing my heart out without any nasty repercussions.

I also enjoy reading holiday books during December. This year I devoured Penny Watson's SWEET INSPIRATION, which is about one of the sons of Santa Claus. Witty, hot, and full of holiday cheer, this book helped me kick off my season on the right foot...or snow boot, that is.

I have two of my own holiday reads available from Whispers Publishing.


Art history professor Dr. Melina Fairlee refuses to spend Christmas alone in New York while her twin daughters enjoy the holiday with their father in Disney World. To escape a lonely December at home and to forget that her girls would rather be with her ex-husband, Melina travels to Spain on a mission to lose herself in the art museums of Madrid.

Dance instructor Diego Ramos always has a full dance card, but he’s tired of being nothing more than a quick tango. While he enjoys teaching his clients, he longs to share the beauty of dance with someone who knows how to heat up the floor…and him. Christmas with his family is just another reminder of the love he can’t seem to find.

On a snow-dusted Christmas Eve, Melina and Diego will celebrate the holiday in a way neither of them thought possible. The gifts they give each other under the mistletoe will set Madrid on fire, but how long will the blaze between them last?

You never know what you'll find under the Christmas tree.  

Electrician Ivy Garrow would rather be at home in Rhode Island enjoying a snow-covered New England Christmas. Instead she's trapped in the Hawaiian heat at her sister's wedding. An entire continent separates Ivy from her annual holiday fun.

Canoe builder Nick Huntley can't wait to dump off his current passenger, a bride with the body of a goddess and the arrogance to match. When he arrives at the wedding and meets the bride's sister, Nick is ready to row away from double the hassle.

Is Christmas magic possible when the air is filled with sunshine and ukulele music?
Visit me at to download both today and get filled with holiday spirit!

Happy Holidays!
Christine DePetrillo 


mnjcarter said...

Very Hawt book covers, and the stories sound great. I have yet to start my shopping. Can't do the Black Friday thing, I'd lose my mind. My family is pretty easy to shop for though, the older they get, they just want the expensive stuff. That equals much less shopping for me! I guess I did just order 2 kindles though for 2 of my kids, so I kind of started:)

Debby said...

I like those covers. They are gorgeous. I don't do Friday either
debby236 at gmail dot com