Thursday, December 15, 2011

Leaving with a smile (rated R)

Wow. It's been tons of fun today. Thank you for joining us!!

I don't know about you, but I am happy. Lots of fun reads, wicked talk and yummy pleasures will definitely send me to bed here with a grin.

I know you want to go to bed happy as well, so tuck this next excerpt around you and have sweet (and naughty) dreams.

Emmy is a Workshop elf, a tiny elf, that wishes for something big. When she wakes up Christmas morning, Santa's left her a shiny new bell, as usual. But when she gets up to greet her day, her eyes widen at the real gift waiting in the living room. 

Now that her gift is here, what to do? There are so. Many. Options. Some of these Trey takes upon himself to dish out - but can Emmy handle what he has in store for her? Check out this little bit and tell me, how would you handle this situation?

Rated R Excerpt: 

She shuddered at his words, spoken right against her ear, tickling and stimulating her at the same time. "You can push me as far as you want, Trey."
"Can I?"
He reached around her body, and she yelped when an icy cold sensation swiped over a nipple. She dropped her head to see an icicle in his hand. "Where'd you get that?"
"We're at the North Pole, baby. Where do you think I got it? Your eaves are full of them." He brushed the cold, skinny cone across the other breast. The intense cold made her little peaks shoot out even more, and after a few more breathtaking swipes, turned them from pale pink to candy apple red.
"Aren't your hands cold?" she asked as her teeth began to chatter. He hadn't touched her anywhere else except for the ice on her breasts.
"I live in this stuff. This is nothing. Now open wide."
He raised the icicle and she opened her mouth, allowing him to slide the blunt point over her bottom lip.
"Now close your mouth and hold this for me a minute. Don't bite it off. Do you understand?"
She nodded and sucked on the spear in her mouth. It started to slip so she set her teeth down, but carefully so as not to cause a break.
His hands fiddled at the back of her neck, and the ribbon holding her bell loosened. He dropped the beribboned bell to her waist, refastened the ties, and twisted it so the bell now rested at the top of her ass.
"I plan to make these hips shake, Emmy. I like your bell, and I want to hear that thing ring like crazy, got me?"
She nodded.
"Now, where did I leave that... oh, yeah."
He slipped the icicle from her mouth, explaining, "Don't worry if we go through this one fast. You've plenty more."


*Shiver* In an oh, so good a way. Find out if Emmy is able to make that bell ring like crazy. Grab your copy of Emmy's Wish today and have pleasant dreams! 

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Finally, thanks to Goddess Fish for having us, thanks to all the awesome Changeling's and thanks to you, for visiting with us today. 

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Merry Christmas!


mnjcarter said...

Damn! Okay, I'm buying this book, along with all the others. I'll just tell hubby it's my Christmas gift to him! I am sooo bad!! Yet, he loves me for it!! :D

Very fun party!! You all seem to really know how to have fun!!

Ayla Ruse said...

Thanks, mnjcarter! And no, don't tell him the gift is for him, tell him you're saving him the trouble of finding more gifts for you! :D

mnjcarter said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! I told him not to get me anything, he would so know I'm lying my ass off!! LOL He knows me better than that!

Still laughing....