Thursday, December 15, 2011

A lil bit of Santa's Claws... NC 17 to heat up the cold nights

God, she had never felt anything so soft. His lips pressed against hers before traveling over her cheeks, her chin, and down to her neck. She whimpered, unable to hold in the needy sound as his warm breath sensitized her skin. Her head dropped back, offering her throat to his caresses, and she shuddered as his tongue darted out to taste the thin skin of her neck.
He must have liked that sound because he did it again and again until her knees were trembling and her fingers locked onto the bare skin of his shoulders, his strength keeping her upright. She looked up into his eyes. For a moment they looked confused before he again took her lips, pressing hard enough to make her mouth open. His tongue invaded her mouth, and the taste of mint exploded over her taste buds.
Mint was her new favorite flavor.
Her hands traveled over his chest, teasing those candy cane nipples, making him growl at the sharp sensation. He lifted his mouth from hers, his eyes narrowed in lust, and his lips pulled back into a snarl. Before she could blink, he had her in his arms and was racing toward the back bedroom. It was easy to spot, as the door was wide open, giving a clear view of her bed.
He carried her inside, taking a moment to stare at her computer set-up.
“Outdated.” He snorted and her eyes narrowed. That damn computer was nearly brand new. It was part of a signing package she got for re-upping with NPI. It was not outdated.
But any complaints were quickly forgotten as his hands went to work on her clothing. Her shirt was shredded and tossed aside. Her skirt was torn from her body. Her panties and bra turned to confetti, and she didn’t care.
Her world was silent save for his gasps and moans as he ran his hands over her body, as he tossed her on the bed, as he ripped those damn shorts off and loomed over her.
“So perfect.” He spoke softly, his fingertips lightly running over her body.
She had never been touched so gently before. His fingertips contained lightning that made her nipples stiffen, her body arch and her thoughts slow.
“God, yes,” she moaned, reaching out to run her fingers through his hair. It was like silk, she noted as her hands trailed along his shoulders, over his chest and down that teasing trail of hair that led to one large, pink erection.
He gasped as her fingers wrapped around him, stiffening to the point where he nearly fell on top of her.
And this she liked. This put her totally in control. She took advantage by rolling them over until she was on top. His eyes widened at this, but he relaxed back into the blankets, awaiting her next move, his black eyes radiating heat.
She didn’t make him wait long. She gripped his cock in one hand, marveling at the length and girth of him, before she dove down, licking at the glistening, heart-shaped head. He was so turned on he was already leaking precum. Her Elf was beyond horny, and she liked it.
Mint again. The flavor of his precum was delicious. It made her mouth tingle in an all-too-pleasurable way. His hips arched up in need. She choked a little, then pulled back to lick the shaft, reveling in his begging and pleading.
“Noel,” he gasped. “Please.”
But this was her show. She was in control.
“Soon, baby,” she whispered, pulling back to duck low and lap at his balls, giggling as they shifted in their soft sac. “Soon I’m going to suck you hard, make you scream, make you beg for more.”
God, she loved talking to him and knowing she could hear and see his every response. And responding he was. His head whipped back and forth on the pillows, his body trembled at her touch, and his eyes were trained on her, watching her every move. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever felt.
She settled lower between his spread legs and sucked his cock deep into her mouth, moaning as she felt her pussy grow wet with hunger. He tasted so damn good! She sucked harder, getting more of his delicious precum before feeling the back of her throat begin to tingle. God, what would he feel like riding deep in her pussy?
She fingered his balls gently, tugging and rolling them in her palm, adding to his pleasure. Well, this was the season of giving, she reasoned before he let out a roar and sat up.


mnjcarter said...

Mint flavored. Ooooohh, I like that! Hell, I'd be giving all day if it was mint flavored :O hehehe

Great party today, it really was fun, and I got quite a few laughs!

Thank you!!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Flash Does write it hot and fun!

Stephanie Burke said...

Thank you both! But I am in great company! You guys amaze me always! *g*