Thursday, December 15, 2011

Light up Your Holiday

I live in sunny California, but I grew up in West Virginia and when the holidays come around I miss the snow. I remember the magical first snowfall of the season. I loved sledding with my friends, building snowmen and having snowball fights.

The first snowfall also meant Christmas was just around the corner. I’ve always loved trimming the tree and putting up lights. As a child I really liked the presents I discovered on Christmas morning, but seeing my house all lit up and a tree trimmed with ornaments and multi-colored lights was a joy that lasted for weeks.

Santa doesn’t leave presents beneath the tree anymore and I no longer see that enchanting first snowfall of the season, but I still have the magic of Christmas lights. As an author I love writing holiday stories. I want my readers to feel the joy of the season and feel warm and fuzzy at the end. So take a break from your hectic holiday schedule, curl up with a holiday book and a cup of hot chocolate. Then when you’re all warm and fuzzy, go outside and play in the snow.

If it doesn’t snow where you live, do what I do, pour a glass of wine and turn on the lights.

Happy Holidays,


mnjcarter said...

It's supposed to snow where I live (MN). Yet it was 40 and raining yesterday. So, yeah, no snow here.
We don't put up lights anymore because the dogs eat the cords. My neighbors think they are the freaking Griswalds and are trying to light the entire neighborhood. I close my blinds and can still see them. Actually, it gets a little irritating at 11pm, when the lights are coming through the blinds like a floodlight. Yeah, I know, not very Christmasy of me. What can I say? Call me the Grinch, hubby does.

Patti P said...

I love the lights at christmas, but I hate being out in the cold putting them up and taking them down.
musicalfrog at

Nancy G said...

My kids are grown, so I don't do much for decorations. I leave it to them to do their houses, for their kids, so I can just relax.