Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's on Your Wish List for Santa?

I love Christmas Wish lists. Don't you? It's the one time of year I dream, and dream big. In our house, we post one sheet per person on the wall that is each individual's wish list. The rule: you can put anything you want on the list - anything - but know that you might not get everything listed. It's up to Santa what you do and do not get.

Thinking about lists got me thinking about Santa and this led me to think about his industrious elves. I bet they have wishes too. What would happen if one of his Workshop elves made a wish, and it didn't come true? Well, if that elf were Emmy, she'd turn around the next year and wish for the same thing. And the year after that. She's darn persistent, one of my favorite qualities about her. 

What's on her wish list? Simple. A big male. Don't laugh. You see, Workshop elves aren't classified in any kind of "big" department, anywhere. Emmy's seen hulking males when she's scanned the internet and she'd do anything to have one all her own.

Today, *lucky you* you get a chance to meet Emmy, find out more about her wish and see if it comes as true as she'd hoped. White Hot Christmas: Emmy's Wish, is on sale NOW for your Christmas wishing and reading pleasure. Grab it while it's hot and maybe you too can get in on the wishing spree! 

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Check back through the day. I'll have snippets and excerpts to tease you even more!


mnjcarter said...

We do the same thing at our house as far as the lists go. Each one of my little darlings makes their list and they post them. I have one left that believes in Santa (we think). We will still always do "Santa" gifts, but it will be nice when they all realize that even Santas presents cost money!

I just read the blurb on Emmy's Wish recently. I really like that sound of that. Who wouldn't want a "big" man under the tree come Christmas morning? (DH would probably have some issues with that one though!)

Marie Harte said...

I tell my kids to write to Santa, but like you, let them know just because they ask for it doesn't mean they're getting it.

Story looks great. I'm going to get a copy to spice up my Christmas. :)
Merry Christmas to you and yours!