Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanks for inviting an ogre and a Sorceress to the party :)

Hi everyone and thanks to the lovely gals at Goddess Fish for allowing a burly ogre and beautiful sorceress to attend this month's release party. Sounds like your typical beauty and beast type story right? Actually, my newest release, The Last Sorceress  has a twist. Take a single mom who got hooked on World-of-Warcraft type online RPG game in order to spend time with her teenage son, invite her to a gaming convention and tournament, and here's where the real twist comes in ... What if the handsome guy who created the game was really an ogre from another realm? What if he poses as a human in our world to recruit gamers to fight a real evil sorceress in his world? So you take that single mom, turn her into a beautiful sorceress and her son into a warrior elf, and give her an ogre hero with a brave heart and warrior spirit :) Sound intruiging? Stay tuned for an excerpt but until then, here's the offical blurb and book trailer for The Last Sorceress. I'll drop by later too with info on a contest I'm running.
She played the game never expecting it be real or deadly. But when Janet Lind becomes her sorceress alter-ego can she fight to protect her son and Dazzart the Bold, the sexy ogre who brought her to his world?

Dazzart finds himself drawn to Janet in both human and sorceress form. Yet he knows that nothing come from his attraction to her because of his brutal heart and hideous form. How can a sorceress and an ogre live happily ever after in the shadow of an evil sorceress and her demonic horde when more than passion is on the line?

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Lexxx said...

Oh I LOVE the concept! Can't wait to read more!

mnjcarter said...

Great idea for a story! It's always nice to read about a hot looking man, and the woman falling all over him and for him. However, it's also very refreshing to read about a woman falling for the hero, because of what's inside and not just because of the physical attraction.

Debby said...

Ogres and sorceresses can be the highlight of any party.
debby236 at gmail dot com

shadow_kohler said...

This sounds very good! Thanks for sharing!

Marguerite Arotin said...

Thanks ladies and hope you'll consider bringing an ogre and sorceress home for the holidays too :)

Maria D. said...

This sounds really different and very interesting.