Sunday, November 6, 2011

STEAMY Excerpt from QUATRE-book 3 of The French Kiss Chronicles-Em Petrova

My final book in my bestselling series The French Kiss Chronicles is here! QUATRE- Book Three of The French Kiss Chronicles is available now from Breathless Press. Read on for a hot excerpt and discover 4X the passion.


After months spent in the arms of the loving Jane and Ethan Miller, Margot feels she’s finally finding herself. She’s battled self-doubt and low self-esteem after her divorce and having both a man and woman’s attentions has given her completion.

Or so she thinks.

When the dashing war hero Danny MacIntyre walks into her life, she’s thrown into a tailspin. While her heart slips into his hands, she knows part of it firmly remains with the Millers. As she devises a plan to unite them all, fear threatens to control her. Can she have two pieces of cake and eat her pie too?


“Tell us you have time, Margot. Please.” Ethan’s gaze was hungry as he waited for her response.

She slipped a hand around each of their necks and drew their heads together. “I have an early shift tomorrow. I hadn’t planned to stay, just to talk. But now that I’m here, I don’t know if I can leave you.”

With a low growl, Ethan lifted them both off their feet. “I’ll get the wine and we’ll talk first. But I can’t wait for long, ladies.”

He released them and headed off for the kitchen. With a grin at Margot, Jane took her hand and led her to their bedroom. Once inside, it was impossible not to grab her and crush her mouth to hers again.

Margot’s lips parted instantly. Their tongues met with fervent ardor. The slippery feel of her tongue sent bolts of heat through Jane’s body. She gently cupped her face and pinched her eyes shut, enjoying her lover’s unique flavor. She possessed her feminine musk as always, but tonight there was a hint of mint, and something deeper she couldn’t put her finger on. Something wilder.

Angling her head, Jane took what she wanted. She swept the moist cavern of Margot’s mouth as her fingers played over her hair to her shoulders and spread down her back.

Margot’s arms tightened around Jane’s waist. A thrill ran through her.

Ethan’s voice sounded from the doorway. “Hey, I thought we were talking. You started without me.”

With a shared giggle, they broke apart. He crossed to them and placed a wine glass in each of their hands. His scalding gaze fell upon Margot. “To new passions.” He clinked glasses with her and Jane, and then tipped the ruby contents into his mouth.




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