Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is It Writer's Block - Or Something Else?

There's a funny little saying circulating the Internet right now that goes something like this:

Writer's Block:
When even your imaginary 
friends won't talk to you.

For many writers struggling with the task of putting words to paper, this is all too true. As I sit here writing this, I am struggling with the process of putting words to paper. It doesn't matter that I've already put nearly 9,000 words to paper already. Oh, no, I've come to a point where the muse went on vacation - and took my chatty characters with her. And I am left with - nothing.

I have struggling all day with one particular scene I am trying to commit to paper. What makes this especially frustrating is the fact that it's not even the dreaded middle of the story yet! No, it's still close to the beginning, the honeymoon period where the words should just flow - click, click, clicking along - almost of their own accord. It would seem that writer's block can strike at any time during the creation of the story.

But is it truly writer's block? Maybe it's something else. Maybe it has something to do with the book I have out that I'm madly promoting. Or with the fact that my mind is so over-burdened with ideas for stories, it simply shut down to preserve itself from a complete melt down. Or maybe it's the fact that I started on a new knitting project and Christmas is fast approaching and I have so many gifts to make before then. Whatever the case, sometimes I wonder if what I'm suffering from is not truly a case of Writer's Block, but an Overdose of Creativity. I have too many creative projects going on simultaneously and my mind is constantly adding fuel to the fire with more ideas for future stories. I have an embarrassment of riches and I don't know which one to put first, so my brain shuts down and says, No one. Time for a little siesta.

Am I worried? No. The scene will work itself out. The ideas will find their place in my list of priorities. And all my gifts will be knitted in time for Christmas. Am I an optimist? You bet I am!

Margay Leah Justice
Sloane Wolf


Debby said...

So did it work out? HAve you ever not been able to work it out?
debby236 at gmail dot com

June M. said...

I am always amazed that authors can write and create such great worlds, characters, and stories. I could not do this.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Margay said...

Debby, yes, I was able to work it out, which is why it took this long for me to answer you. Sorry! Once I get into the zone, I just go with it! And yes, there have been times I haven't been able to work it out. So I just put it aside for a bit, then attack it from a different angle.

Margay said...

Thank you, June. It's funny,I can't imagine not doing it!