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Ready for SiNN??

Here's another excerpt :)

With his hand on her back, he forced her body even closer.
She made primitive noises that matched his, their kiss sloppy, impassioned, deep.
Exactly what every man lived for. Even Toby. Jake sensed his partner watching him and Lea. No doubt frowning.
Too fucking bad. Nothing short of Toby’s gun to Jake’s temple would stop this.
Angling his mouth for greater penetration, Jake swept his tongue over Lea’s, liking how soft it was, how good she tasted. Who the fuck needed food or booze when this was available? On a low, needy groan, Jake kissed her even harder, with less finesse than he would have liked. He was back to being that kid on the reservation, reckless with passion, wanting what he’d been denied for too long. Afraid it wouldn’t last.
It wouldn’t.
The thought encouraged Jake to lose himself in Lea’s scent—musky, yet fresh, with a hint of melon—to enjoy having her body against his. Her ripe curves were the stuff of men’s wet dreams, her height expected, but she was also narrow, decidedly delicate, and here he was behaving like a fucking bruiser.
He gentled his kiss and eased his hold on her.
At the change in his behavior, Lea paused, no longer sucking his tongue. In the next moment, she dug her nails into his back and forced him from her mouth so she could fill him with her tongue instead.
Maybe she wasn’t so delicate after all.
He really liked that.
Holding her as tightly as he wanted, proving his strength, Jake suckled her even deeper and squeezed her breast, using her with a right she’d given him. Hell, she’d practically dared him not to do this.
He’d accepted and crossed that particular line. There was no turning back now. He wanted far, far more. Every fucking thing, not just a damn kiss.
Pulling his mouth from Lea’s, Jake looked down at her.
Long lashes rested on her cheeks, nicely rosy from his passion. Her bruised lips were parted and damp.
He waited as she forced her lids to open. She blinked slowly as though trying to focus.
Proud of what he’d accomplished with her, Jake grinned.
Toby adjusted his weight, his shoes tapping the floor.
Lea didn’t appear to notice, or if she did, she wasn’t letting on. Running her fingers down the buttons on his shirt, she breathed, “Take it off.”
He never got the chance. Lea grabbed his shirt and tugged so hard, the fabric ripped. Buttons flew everywhere, one of them striking his chin.
Jake lifted his brows.
“Sorry,” she said, sounding unrepentant as she planted her palms on his torso.
He swallowed convulsively at the heat of her hands, the way her fingers stroked his flesh as she worked her way up to his pecs.
She cupped his muscles, kneading them as he had fondled her, her thumbs dragging over his nipples.
Jesus. What she was doing sent a surge of heat to his cock, thickening it even more, making the fucker really hurt.
“More,” she insisted, sounding as if she’d reached the end of her patience.
And he hadn’t?
Before Jake could reclaim control of the act, Lea slipped her hands beneath the top of his shirt, dragging it over his shoulders, stopping at his left biceps.
Her already sultry expression grew downright wanton, her delicate nostrils flaring slightly as she stared at his tattoo. A black tribal band of stylized figures that curved in all directions and ended in sharpened points.
She spoke on a sigh, “Wow.”
He grinned. Stupidly, he suspected, and didn’t care. “You like?”
“Oh yeah.” She ran her tongue over its length.


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”

SiNN (Menage - Available NOW)
UNENDING DESIRE (Erotic Paranormal - Available NOW)


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