Sunday, November 6, 2011

In danger, they found passion...Adult Excerpt

In my new erotic paranormal release Unending Desire, Nikoli and Regina are from different dimensions. What they find in each other's arms, what they want is no different from men and women everywhere. Here's an excerpt to show you what I mean.

On his feet, Nikoli drew Regina against his full length, passion evident in his rough breathing, a desire for more than just sex clear in his tender caress. It moved her as few things had. He was a man who’d been starved for simple emotion, the right to be uncertain as well as brave, to experience comfort, not only crushing responsibility.
How many years had he longed for a moment of true warmth, of an embrace given in love, not out of duty? How many times had he denied himself the most basic of needs, remaining resolute, deprived, alone and wanting, even more so than her?
She ached to give him everything he’d missed.
They had so little time. When dawn came, he’d insist on leaving.
Unable to face the thought, she released her weight into him, requiring his strength, the shelter of his body. He made a low rumbling sound in his throat, signifying his approval. A smile touched Regina’s lips at his rigid cock pressing against her inner thigh, the root snug against her mound, their curls touching. Demanding even more intimacy, she drew as close as she could, welcoming his chest crushing her breasts, his mouth seeking her throat.
The brush of his lips delivered a shock of pleasure. Her heart skipped several beats, then hammered fiercely. Releasing a husky moan, she slipped her arms around his torso, her fingers exploring his broad back, tracing his impressive contours, reveling in them.
He had an athlete’s build, lean yet muscled, his pecs and abs well defined, his body hair deliciously masculine, from the dark tufts in his pits to the silky hairs circling his navel to the thick bush on his groin and his lightly furred balls. The memory of them in her mouth, her tongue licking the wrinkled skin, sent another shiver through Regina.
Nikoli held her even closer, his embrace confining and soothing. Lips to her ear, he whispered, “Are you cold?”
“Not at all.” She pressed her fingers into his firm flesh and inhaled deeply, enjoying his wondrous scent…so damned male, so uniquely Nikoli. Eager to let him know his effect on her, that she’d deliver her body willingly…eagerly…she murmured, “Turned on.”
His hand stopped stroking her back, resting instead on her naked ass, his long fingers dangling over her cheeks. “Do you mean aroused?”
Regina’s smile widened at his innocent question, the fact that he didn’t understand the nuances of her language. It endeared him to her even more. She wanted to teach him about her dimension, to watch the wonder on his face as he experienced feelings so deep they’d capture his soul or would make him mad as hell. Either way, they’d allow him to live. “Yes…very.”
He ran his fingers down the furrow of her buttocks. Tingles dashed up her spine. Legs wobbling, she pushed to her toes.
With mischief in his voice, he asked, “Am I arousing you now?”
“What do you think?” Her words sounded thick, throaty.
“I’m not certain,” he murmured. “I don’t want to do anything wrong.”
As if a man who was able to stay rock hard for hours could come close to disappointing her.


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”

SiNN (Menage - Available NOW)
UNENDING DESIRE (Erotic Paranormal - Available NOW)


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