Sunday, November 6, 2011

QUATRE- Book Three of The French Kiss Chronicles is available now from Breathless Press


After months spent in the arms of the loving Jane and Ethan Miller, Margot feels she’s finally finding herself. She’s battled self-doubt and low self-esteem after her divorce and having both a man and woman’s attentions has given her completion.

Or so she thinks.

When the dashing war hero Danny MacIntyre walks into her life, she’s thrown into a tailspin. While her heart slips into his hands, she knows part of it firmly remains with the Millers. As she devises a plan to unite them all, fear threatens to control her. Can she have two pieces of cake and eat her pie too?


Margot sat at her kitchen table, a steaming mug of coffee on the distressed wooden top at her elbow, and her head in her hands.

She'd just bundled her twin girls into their grandmother's car, off for a day at the zoo while she prepared for her day. Another eight-hour shift at the hospital, then dinner with Danny. The handsome vet hadn't wasted any time asking her out again after their long, talkative date last night. And she was looking forward to it.

But she missed Jane and Ethan to the extreme. This morning, she'd awakened to two text messages from Jane asking her to call as soon as she got up. But it was 10:00 a.m., and she still hadn't called.

You're avoiding her.

Her heart rolled with uneasiness. She wasn't exactly avoiding her. She didn't know how to explain her reason for canceling their plans for last night.

And how to explain the strange new feelings in her heart for Danny.

After work yesterday, she'd run home, grabbed a hasty shower, and threw on a light cotton sundress. Jane had helped her choose it during their last shopping trip together. She'd told Margot how much she loved the coral color against her bronzed skin, which was so different from Jane's paler tone.

And then Jane had pressed her against the wall of the dressing room and kissed the hell out of her.

When Margot had approached the park bench last night, he'd looked up with a stunned expression. Quickly, he'd gained his feet, favoring his injured leg and bearing his weight on his other foot.

He'd captured her hands as a grin stretched across his face. His smile could have parted the clouds after a month of rain.

"I can't believe you came."

She'd given a small laugh and went on tiptoe to brush his cheek with her lips. An action that had startled him and set her blushing. "Why wouldn't I come?"

He'd shrugged, and keeping her hand in his, seated her beside him on the metal bench. The evening air had been balmy compared to the icy conditions of the hospital.

QUATRE- Book Three of The French Kiss Chronicles is available now from Breathless Press





Debby said...

I have no read too many three or more match ups. They sound like fun to read.
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June M. said...

I have read many books with 3 or 4 partners (but they all have only 1 female) This does sound like a good story.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com