Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Price of Defiance Adult Excerpt

The shrill of her cordless phone disrupted her peace. Against her better judgment, she ducked inside to grab it and returned to her perch on the cushioned chair. “Hello. No, I’m not interested in commenting.” She hung up and frowned. On impulse she dialed Jayshaun’s number. “Hey…been worried ’bout you.”
“Yeah?” She sighed into the phone after hearing his voice. “I found out you went to jail, and Vincent said he sent Alejandro to get you. You good?”
“I’m fine.” She tipped her head back.
“You’re all over the net. I can’t believe you drove into a building. I almost died watching in slow mo. So how are things? Lover boy looked pissed fending off the piranha scumbags and their microphones.”
“Yes, Alejandro is back, and it’s complicated. Of course, he was angry—is angry. I’m not sure. He’s not here right now.”
“Good. Listen, there’s news of another race in a few weeks. Get well so you can win the purse. It’s double what you lost last race. You’ll want in on this. Drivers will be using escorts and scouts via Bluetooth. No one wants a repeat of this week.”
“You’ve got to be joking, right? I went to jail,” Amy hissed quietly into the phone. “Jay, I don’t even know if I have a job, or if I’ve lost my modeling contracts yet.” Once she heard the purse price, temptation hit her. She chewed on the inside of her cheek. “Look, let me think and get back to you.”
“Get back to who for what?” Alejandro cleared his throat to announce his presence.
America startled and dropped the house phone. “Begeezus, don’t sneak up on people.” She bent forward to retrieve the phone. “Yeah sorry, I’ll hit you back later. Can’t talk now.” She hit end and stuck the phone in her pocket of her robe.
“Making deviant plans already?”
“Na-no, of course not. Nothin’ important.” Amy picked up her discarded cup of tea and took a sip. Damn if he didn’t look edible, all sweat-drenched and glistening sinew. Not a single delectable inch of Alejandro escaped her notice.
He snorted. “If you think I believe that, you forget I know you better than you know yourself, querida.”
“Really was just short talk, seeing that I lived and all.”
Alejandro shrugged. “I’m off to shower, and then we’ll talk.” He moved to the door and entered the house without a backward glance, the slam of the storm door effectively cutting off her chance to reply.
“Ass,” she mumbled and drained the rest of her tea. A shower sounded damned good, and she only had one shower in the house. A smile curled up her lips as she headed inside. She dropped the robe as she climbed up the stairs. Amy turned the doorknob, a tiny jig dancing in her head at the unlocked door. The jet spray allowed her to enter without being heard. The sight that met her eyes stole the syllables off her tongue. Water gushed from the spray nozzle, soaking Alejandro’s muscle-ripped body. Each time he moved to lather up his back, muscles rippled, and water ran down in an abstract pattern, dripping in the crease of his ass and disappearing. He hadn’t been this cut last time she saw him. Fighting tougher opponents or his training must’ve sculpted him.
“Get out, Amy.”
“My bathroom, Alejandro.” She removed her bandage to keep it from getting soaked and then opened the shower door and stepped in. His stormy eyes stared her down. She ran her fingers over the tick pulsating in his jaw and dropped her gaze to his thickening cock. “Go.”
“Someone’s happy to see me.” She snaked her hand around his shaft and stroked the frenulum. He sucked in a breath, and it brought a smile to her lips. Only once, and by the looks of it, how he responded, he hadn’t forgotten her touch. “I’m just here to get clean.”
“Sure, big guy. The other part of you has different plans.” She let go and soaped to massage him. The heater in the bathroom kept it humid enough for the water to be turned off. A wicked image filled her mind. “There is no happy ending,” he warned and spread his legs to allow her access to his body.
Amy licked her bottom lip. Her body thrummed with excitement. Surely he didn’t mean it. His shoulder brushed against her nipple, and she moaned. “What was that?”
“Accidental brush?” Alejandro shampooed his hair. “Hmph.”
Amy bent forward and licked his nipple. Lust filled the too-tiny-for-two shower. Crammed in tight quarters and near flush against his body, she ran soapy hands over his arms, trailed them down his pectorals, and then along her own skin, making them both slippery. “Here, let me.” She turned on the hand held, rising up on tiptoes to wash the shampoo from his head. “Why haven’t you gotten any new tattoos yet?” She returned the attachment to the wall and pressed her body against his back. The water made her fingers glide over his slick skin. With boldness, she dropped the pretense and reached for his thick-lathered cock.
“Haven’t found new ink I like.” He blew out a breath. “Fuck, Amy.”
“You like?” Circling around to his front, she dropped and fondled his scrotum between her thumb and forefinger.
Instead of answering her, he threaded his hand in her hair and pulled her from his cock, pressing her against the cold-tiled wall. “Damn brat.”
Yes. Her body screamed in anticipation. She spread her legs and hooked one around his hip, lazily drawing her calf down his back. His delicious cock rubbed against her folds. That Alejandro fought to keep control wasn’t out of the norm. She trailed nails down his chest and glided her slick skin against him. “Please?”
His mouth crashed over hers, and he pulled her into a vortex of white-hot passion. His talented tongue slid between her lips, cutting off more pleas. She mewled and rocked her mons along his dick in sync with his tongue thrusting in and dueling with hers.
“Not today.” His guttural growl sent a cold splash of reality down her spine. Shocked, she watched him throw open the shower door and storm out. Yep. Anger resonated in each step he took, the way he yanked a towel from the hook and disappeared out of her sight. She washed quickly and got out. Hurt caused hot tears to leak from her eyes. Without a sound she let them fall, slathered lotion on, and yanked her brush through the tangles in her hair. A reasonable amount of time passed, and she assumed Alejandro had left.
Oh-and-two—she couldn’t win for losing. He reclined on the center of her bed, holding a copy of the magazine she’d thrown at him a year previous. Worse—he stroked that glorious cock of his to a paper image of her…when she had offered her body to him just scant minutes ago.

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Liz said...

love it.

Jessica Subject said...

So hot! And frustrating at the end. :)

Hales said...

haha! I know right.

Rawiya said...

What an excerpt!

Looks fab

Hi Hales!


TY for the comment earlier!

Becca Dale said...

Oh my, great excerpt Hales - heroes can be such brats. LOL

Debby said...

Oh so hot and what brats men can be

debby236 at gmail dot com

mnjcarter said...

Oh, he is a big ole tease!!!!

I sure hope she repays the favor!

Going to have to read this one!

Hales said...

He so can! Thanks for the comments!

flchen1 said...

Wowza. *ahem*

June M. said...

Wow, it suddenly got very warm in here, lol. Very nice!
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Stephanie Morris said...

This is H-O-T!