Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good Morning Goddess Fish! Intro Triad Author Sharita Lira

Ah, it's great to be back at Goddess Fish again. Weren't I and the muses just here last week? *shakes head* Such is the life of an author who tries to make it in the world of writing. Millions of authors exist and you hope that maybe, just maybe you stand out among the rest.

I'm sure a load of people think I write under 3 penames for marketing. WTF? No! *holds up hands* 

No way have I done this to get more attention. The three penames came one by one because of the different personalities that each one has. Whether its my snarky muse, BL or my gay male muse who is long winded, Michael, or the sweeter sensual Rawiya, they all have a certain type of story and voice they like to use in their tales. I don't even do it to separate genres. *sighs* Only because there are 3 distinct muses that all want their say so in very different ways.

Do I keep up? Honestly I try. *laughs* But it's still hard to do this and really it will continue to be as the plot bunnies come up in my brain.

What I'd like to achieve is to be able to write a fabulous story, one people will enjoy, maybe find humorous, emotional, and sexy. I like romance, tension, heartfelt tales that pull at your strings and teach you soemthing along the way. As my fellow author Xakara says, I write about people. Gay, straight, lesbian, eventually, doesn't matter. I love stories about people getting over struggles to find the ultimate partner. All 3 muses take a different road to get there, but that's usually the end result.

Now, all that being said, today I'm happy to feature 2 of the 3 muses since they both have releases. BL, my wicked snarky muse with My Lieutenant and gay male muse Michael Mandrake with The Power of Muse and Inspiration. 

I'll let them tell you more. 

Thanks for being here with me and the muses. *raises eyebrow* I hope you'll enjoy the posts throughout the day. 

Here's where you can find us. 

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Hales said...

Good morning hon so great to see you here :P

Debby said...

HI, I am looking forward to more posts.

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Maria D. said...


Looking forward to reading more about your work


Rawiya said...


Hiya dear. Nice to see you as well.

Rawiya said...


TY much.

:D I hope to entertain@

Rawiya said...



Thanks for dropping in. :D

June M. said...

If only the voices in my head were creative, LOL.
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Rawiya said...


Well yeah mine are.

If you listen to them... ;)