Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goodnight from Spain (Hot Excerpt from a Decade of Longing)

It's close to midnight here in Spain and although I love writing at this late hour I must leave you all. This is my last post of the night and since it's so late I've decided to notch up the heat level. It's a very short excerpt in which Alexander has had enough with Angelica's stubborn nature. Impulsive when it comes to her, he acts without thinking. I hope you enjoy it.

“Angelica, please. You are being stubborn.”

Angelica shook her head and turned away from him. She headed towards the door. In two strides, Alexander was after her. He gripped her by the waist and lifted her into his arms. He pushed her against the wall roughly. His mouth found hers, while his hands lifted her skirts.

Angelica gasped. He pushed her roughly, and yet she felt no fear; not like with her husband. She knew Alexander would not hurt her, even if he had done so ten years ago. She entwined her legs around his waist, feeling the hardness of his shaft rub against her. She was wet and her core throbbed. She inhaled sharply at the newfound feelings. Only once she had felt such a thing. Only once, ten years ago, with the same man that held her in his grip now. That had been her perdition.

Angelica kissed Alexander back with frenzy. At some point her brain had stopped fighting. She needed him. She wanted him. Her whole body was practically screaming for him. Yet, this same ecstatic madness had been what had obliged her to be married to Ferdinand. What terrible woe could come from the passionate throes if she allowed it now? Still, she seemed unable to release Alexander’s mouth. He tasted so good: like strawberries and mint, like chocolate and milk. He was heaven to her senses.

What will happen between these two, I wonder? If you'd like to know "A Decade of Longing" is available at:
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I'm really happy to have been able to celebrate the release of my Evernight novel "A Decade of Longing" here at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion. I've had a great time and I hope that you have too.

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Lorraine said...

Wow! Hot excerpt. I want this book!

Debby said...

I lived in Spain for a bit. Loved it
debby236 at gmail dot com

June M. said...

This book sounds great! It is on my wishlist. And I would love to visit Spain sometime.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com