Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hi all, I'm Brenda Gayle and I'm so glad you could stop by and help me celebrate the upcoming release of my short story, Father of the Bride? I'm really stoked because this is the first release in the new digital anthology, Dearly Beloved, from The Wild Rose Press.

She never expected to see her ex again, but at their son's wedding he's father of the bride.

For the mother of the groom, a destination wedding at a Caribbean resort should be a joyful occasion, but Penny Malloy doubts her heart will survive the weekend. Her ex-husband is the stepfather of the bride.

As soon as she sees David Parker again, she realizes she loves him as much as she ever did. What started as a fairy tale romance—when twelve-year-old David kissed Penny on the playground—has turned into a demented soap opera: a son who doesn't know his father's identity, and divorced parents pretending to be strangers.

But it's another kiss that reminds them of all they had...and the promise of what could be. Can David and Penny face the past together and declare their feelings? Or are they twenty-four years too late?

The Wild Rose Press:

I'll pop back later with an excerpt and some fun stuff about the book. In the meantime, I'd love to know your thoughts on love and second chances. Don't we all have "that special someone" in our past that we still wonder about?

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Annette said...

Good morning Gayle,
Nice premise. Whew for a minute I reread the step dad to the bride because there was a certain complication that would have really been a huge problem.
How much have they changed and what took them apart in the first place?
Thanks for coming to the party. I look forward to an excerpt.
Yours truly,

Debby said...

My friend remarried and her daughter married his son. Got a little complicated.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Brenda Gayle said...

In my great-grandparents' generation it was quite common for men to marry their deceased wives sisters or women to marry their deceased husbands' brothers. Must have made for interesting famiy gatherings.

As for the "step" factor, I thought it was more intriguing to leave it out, but my publisher ABSOLUTELY INSISTED it be included. Probably for the best.

Catherine Lee said...

here is that first love in my past that I occasionally wonder about. Interesting.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com