Sunday, January 6, 2013

Away from the Spotlight: (Giveaway and) It’s All in the Details

Good morning!   Thank you for joining us here at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion!  I am excited to be back to kick off my Goddess Fish Review Tour for Away from the Spotlight here at the Monthly Release Party!
I thought I’d start off this morning by talking a little bit about the plot of Away from the Spotlight.

As fans of the romance genre, we all know that the plots of stand-alone romance novels generally are designed in the same relative structure:

(1) Boy meets girl (or boy and girl meet again after a significant period of time has passed);
(2) Boy and girl fall in love (even if one or both don’t realize it immediately);
(3) An issue exists that prevents boy and girl from continuing or progressing in their relationship (either internal to one or both of the characters or an external roadblock);
(4) Boy and girl overcome issue; and
(5) Boy and girl start their happily ever after.

Even the issues tend to be similar from novel-to-novel:

(1) Family or community objections;
(2) Misunderstandings;
(3) Ongoing trauma or hang-ups from earlier experiences;
(4) Personal tragedies;
(5) Temptations of others; or
(6) Work-related issues.

In light of this long-used formula and these commonly utilized issues, how did I try to keep things fresh and surprising for the readers of Away from the Spotlight?  It’s all in the details.  For a few hundred pages, the reader steps into the shoes of my heroine and lives her experiences as a law student and, later, a lawyer as she engages in a relationship with someone she later finds out is a world-famous actor.  The reader becomes part of a story that is just enough of a fairy tale to be different from the reader’s life experience, but is grounded in enough reality to make it seem as if it really could happen.

What else did I do to differentiate Away from the Spotlight from other romance novels?  My hero and heroine do get their happily ever after, but certainly not as would be expected.

Thank you again for joining me here at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion and please check out Away from the Spotlight on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Please comment below (and include your e-mail address) for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.  This is separate from the Goddess Fish giveaway.  Let me know what it is that interests you in selecting a particular novel to read – is it the genre, the heroine, the hero or something else?  I will randomly select a winner at 9 p.m. EST and post the winner’s name in the comments below.

Away from the Spotlight Synopsis:
In the closing weeks of law school, Shannon Sutherland meets handsome and charming Englishman, Will MacKenzie. Initially swept off her feet, Shannon finds that Will has a secret that, once discovered and the consequences realized, could destroy their fledgling relationship. Will and Shannon take great pains to have a normal relationship but, ultimately, find it impossible to do so. Will the pressures of their careers and the temptations of others drive Will and Shannon apart? Can Will and Shannon live a happy life away from the spotlight?
Tamara Carlisle takes you on a romantic ride that explores the consequences of fame and a love that endures all.
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MomJane said...

How great to find a romance story that is enough different to be awesome. Thank you.

Debby said...

I am always looking for a story that is a little different. Thanks so much
debby236 at gmail dot com

Carin said...

I like to look for a fresh take on things, thanks Carin mawmom at gmail dot com

Tamara Carlisle said...

Thank you, MomJane and Debby, for joining me here today. Glad you like the story!

Tamara Carlisle said...

Thanks, Carin! I appreciate that you joined me here and hope you like the book!

Jibriel said...

Of course there are topics that are well used but every author has his/her own style of telling a story and they have their own twists. Consider how often the story of Cinderella was used in a romance or a movie, if it's well done and brings something new, it will attrackt attention.

Jibriel.O at web dot de

Tamara Carlisle said...

I completely agree, Jibriel. It truly is all in the details. There is a certain Cinderella element in "Away from the Spotlight." The only thing I tried to steer clear of was having the heroine be rescued from a life of drudgery. My heroine did not need saving. To some degree, it was my hero who needed saving so he could lead as normal a life as possible considering his fame.

Deidre Durance said...

Sounds like a great premise. I have certain types of books I love to read, but different draws me in as well.


Lena said...

Cinderella elements sounds good to me, looking forward to reading this one.

lennascloud AT gmail DOT com

Tamara Carlisle said...

Deirdre, I guess what is different is seeing Will's fame through the eyes of law student Shannon and living her life with her - then, there is the little twist in the ending. It is still,a the end of the day, a romance novel and keeps to the general structure. I hope you like it. Lena, I'm glad you like my take on the fairy tale and hope you enjoy the book. Thank you both for joining me here!

Anas said...

The details make the difference in a book, there are a lot of vampire books for exampke or romance novels but they don't draw all the people in the same way. I guess it depends on the trend going on, if one hits a nerve with ones book, with what is "in".


Tamara Carlisle said...

Anas, thanks for joining me here today! I have to admit than when I like one type of romance novel, I do try to find others just like it. I have read a lot of romance novels involving musicians, simply because I am a music fanatic and love each author's take on the subject matter. I love the subject matter so much I am even writing my own take on the subject in the soon to be published, "The Call of the Limelight."

Tammy Terrell said...

This was a great book. Can't wait to read more.

Tamara Carlisle said...

I'm really glad you liked the book, Tammy! I am working hard to get the next one out as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy "The Call of the Limelight" as well.

Catherine Lee said...

I'm a librarian. I put a lot of stock in reviews. I also love a sassy, strong heroine. Then the story needs to be appealing. I have a preference for contemporaries.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Tamara Carlisle said...

Thanks, Catherine, for joining me here today! Well, "Away from the Spotlight" is a contemporary romance and has a strong heroine. I hope you enjoy the book!

Tamara Carlisle said...

Congratulations to Tammy T, winner of the $10 Amazon gift card! Thank you all for your wonderful comments today - I very much appreciate them. I hope you'll all enjoy "Away from the Spotlight!"