Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warning: Hot Excerpt from LBC


I appreciate the invitation to this Goddess Fish Release Party.  I am going to share another excerpt from my new book, Love Beyond the Curve, available at BookStrand and Amazon.  I am also going to share a review about the book, so sit backand I hope you enjoy yourself.  Please remember to comment in order to be eligible for a $10.00 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble(winner's choice).The winner will be randomly selected from the commenters.


Charlotte woke to a pinkish predawn sky and the sound of Reed’s voice calling out to her.   Swinging her legs off the ottoman, she was up and moving swiftly to his side.  She eased a hip down on the bedside and placed a warm hand on his forearm.

 “I’m right here, Jackson.  What can I do for you?”  She leaned over, and out of habit, placed a hand gently on his forehead, checking for signs of fever. 

“This should put me out of my misery.”  He reached up and ran a hand through her dark, wavy hair, and pulled her down to cover her lips with his own.  She was startled at first, but then began to kiss him back, allowing herself the pleasure of exploring his mouth thoroughly with her tongue.

            He pulled back, and brushed his thumb lightly across her lips.  “You taste even sweeter than I imagined you would.” He proceeded to pull her back down, only this time he began kissing her throat and biting her earlobe.  He dropped his hand to her waist, then slid it farther down to cup her rounded bottom.  He squeezed her hip gently and rubbed his large hand over it.  “There. Isn’t. A.  Sharp. Angle. On. You. Anywhere.”  He kissed her between each word, sending tiny tremors through her body.

            “I’m sorry.  I’m working on that,” she answered closing her eyes as he bit her breast through her uniform. 

He surprised her by replying through his teeth, “Not too hard I hope.  I like it.”  He ran his hand up under her dress, only to find that she was wearing ass-baring underwear, allowing him to have contact with her warm flesh. 

            His hard-working callused hand felt wonderfully rough and sensuous as it rubbed and massaged her bare cheek.  He removed his hand and lay back against the pillows and spoke to her with a raspy voice. “Undress for me.  The uniform turns me on, but I think what’s underneath it will turn me on even more.”

            Charlotte bit her lip hesitantly.  This may be the end of the magic spell.  She turned around and took a few steps away from him. 

Sensing her hesitation, he said in a soft, reassuring voice, “You are beautiful, Charlotte.  I won’t be disappointed.”

            Charlotte took a deep, nerve-settling breath, and slowly turned around, unbuttoning the top button of her white, crisp uniform.  She kept her eyes on his face as she continued to unbutton the dress to just past her waist.  He had his eyes riveted on her hands as they moved down farther, revealing a glimpse of her softness underneath as the buttons fell open.  This was the moment of truth.  What would his expression reveal?  Could she tell if he appreciated her body for what it was, or was he going to be braced to not let her see his true reaction?  She lifted the dress off her shoulders and dropped her arms to her sides causing it to puddle at her feet.  Sheer will forced her arms to remain at her sides, and not move to cover herself.  It was the hardest thing she had ever done, even though it wasn’t the first time she had stood nearly naked before a man’s eyes.  Why did Reed’s reaction matter so much?

            Reed’s eyes darkened and narrowed as he inhaled sharply at the sight of Charlotte standing in front of him wearing only a low-cut, lacy white bra, and lacy, white, barely-there boy shorts.  To top it off, she was wearing white thigh-high stockings with a lace band at the top.  She had kicked off her shoes when she had settled in the chair to rest, but even without shoes, her legs still looked a mile long.  Her thighs curved from her hips into long shapely calves.  She had the ideal example of an hour- glass figure. 

            Reed had never been with someone with that deep of a curve for a waistline.  It was thicker than he was used to, but ultra- feminine. Her hipbones weren’t jutting out at her pelvis, but her skin looked soft and smooth.  She also didn’t have two or three inches between her upper thighs.  She was all leg, and he was breathless as he took in this new concept of “sexy” in his personal experience.  There was no other word to describe her.  Her hair fell in thick waves just past her shoulders, and he ached to run his fingers through it.  It was usually up in a knot or ponytail.  This was dreamy.  The lacy bra hugged her ample breasts together, creating some major cleavage through which he’d love to slide his tongue, or better yet, his throbbing cock.  His eyes wandered on down to her navel which did not protrude in the least bit.  He could give that some attention, too.   His eyes finally came to rest on her pelvic area, which appeared to darken at the vee where her thighs met.  She was sporting the “natural” look, which he hadn’t seen up close and personal in ages.  Damn!  She was hot!  He was shocked at how much that little detail turned him on. 




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